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Join the DataSelf Lite launch webinar for Acumatica!

DataSelf Lite provides over a 1,000,000 ways to slice and dice Acumatica data in Tableau using a transparent data warehouse and display results inside Acumatica. The webinar covers:
Must-have reports and dashboards for unparalleled insights into your cash flow and sales.
Pricing and launch promo
30-min Fast-track Training:
Popular customizations
Exporting and distributing reports
As of Sep 30, 2019, your VAR can order DataSelf Lite directly from Acumatica:

DataSelf Lite for $299/month

Management Essentials Package: Must-have key performance indicators for Sales (by customer, customer locations, salesperson and product), Cash Flow Projection, AR Aging, and AP Aging. Includes natural language queries, extensive slice-and-dice and drill down features, geographical trend analysis, automatic report distribution, export to PDF and Excel, one-click open of Acumatica pages, embeddable reports in Acumatica and other web applications, highly customizable. Runs reports in seconds thanks to a transparent cloud data warehouse (works with current and last fiscal year data, and isolates your Acumatica instance from reporting hits). Includes 1 Explorer named-user license. Learn more at https://www.dataself.com/acumatica-bi-analytics/​.

Launch promo: Free 5 Viewers through Mar 31st, 2020.

Additional Named-User Licenses:​​
Explorer – Creation, editing, and slicing & dicing of reports. ​$40/user/month​
​Viewer – Slicing & dicing of reports. ​$20/user/month​