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DataSelf Analytics Editions & Pricing

  • $399/month

  • Advanced *

  • Runtime Only (no editing)

  • 4 per Day

  • 15

  • Your MS licenses

  • 20GB

  • Cloud

  • $999/month

  • Pro *

  • Add-on

  • 1 per Hour

  • 20

  • Your MS licenses

  • 50GB

  • Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Prem

  • Enterprise *

  • Included

  • 1 per Minute

  • 50

  • Your MS licenses

  • 500GB

  • Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Prem

Monthly payments are available with a 12% surcharge fee.
Report & dashboard Library: Advanced 40+ KPIs; Pro 500+ KPIs; Enterprise 8,000+ KPIs.
** Choose your BI user interface: Tableau, Power BI, MS Excel, and others.

  • Power Toolset:
    • DataSelf ETL+: First named-user (1 user; 1 entity): $99/month
      • Named-user: $41/month
      • Entity (1 source driver, 1 source container, 1 data warehouse; 1 Tableau/Power BI site): $99/entity/month
        • Source Driver (unlimited Excel & CSV): $99/source driver/month
        • Source Container (unlimited Excel & CSV): $41/source container/month
        • Refresh Frequency: Contact us
    • Cloud MS SQL Server: $41/user/month
    • Tableau Creator: $70/user/month
  • Tableau Explorer & Viewer Embedded: $41/five-user package/month (avg $8.2/user/mo)
  • Shared Workbook (Embedded Tableau Guest user): $41/shared workbook/month
  • Report Subscriptions (beyond Explorers/Viewers): $41/forty email recipients/month
  • Cloud Data Space:
    • 1GB: $14/month
    • 5GB: $29/month
    • 25GB: $79/month
    • 100GB: $279/month
    • 500GB: $999/month
    • 1,000GB: $1,499/month

Services available to all clients:

  • BI Expert Consulting Services: consult your DataSelf seller

Feature Description:

    • Editions: Come pre-mapped to your source system. DataSelf ETL+ allows easy yet extensive data warehouse customizations. Data warehouse editing via 3rd party tools (ex.: SSMS) is available with Pro and Enterprise. Multi-tenant AWS cloud with MS SQL Server & Tableau Server. Contact DataSelf for a dedicated or private-cloud or on-premises environment. All user licenses are named.
    • Subscription: Software as a Service (SaaS) yearly fee. The deployment of DataSelf usually requires consulting services that are not included in the SaaS fee. Order Add-Ons, explore other payment plans, and change or cancel your subscription by contacting your DataSelf seller or contact us. The pricing includes Tableau OEM and MS SQL cloud licenses. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on yearly subscriptions. The pricing listed here is for a cloud deployment. Please consult us for hybrid or on-premise/private-cloud deployment.
    • Report and Dashboard Library: Advanced 40+ KPIs; Pro 500+ KPIs; Enterprise 8,000+ KPIs. Full details at:
    • Power Toolset: Adding sources, source tables, and columns; data warehouse maintenance; design of Tableau data sources; design of Power BI data sets; design of elaborate reports & dashboards; server-side security and data refresh. Comprised of:
      • Runtime: Included in the Advanced and Pro editions. It comprises embedded/runtime versions of 1 DataSelf ETL+ user, 1 Cloud MS SQL user, and 1 Tableau Creator user or 1 Power BI Desktop user. The embedded/runtime versions will execute the DataSelf data refreshes on schedule and on demand. Users are not allowed to edit these tools. Users can hire DataSelf sellers to edit these tools.
      • DataSelf ETL+: Easy and powerful extraction, transformation, and loading of data into your data warehouse(s).
        • User license: You might add this to the Pro edition, Enterprise includes 1 user by default. The first user license includes 1 user and 1 entity.
        • Entity: Includes 1 source driver, 1 source container, 1 data warehouse, 1 Tableau/Power BI site, and a certain refresh frequency.
        • Source Drivers: Data source types, ex.: MS SQL, MySQL, ODBC, OData, and Oracle. Free ETL+ data warehouse, Excel & CSV.
        • Source Containers: A specific data source, ex.: one MS SQL database, one ODBC DSN, one OData URL. Free ETL+ data warehouse, Excel & CSV files.
        • Refresh Frequency: Unlimited manual refreshes. Real-time refresh might be available. Contact DataSelf to discuss.
      • Cloud MS SQL user: Direct access to the cloud data warehouse with tools such as Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Crystal Reports, MS SSMS / SSRS / SSAS. Pro and Enterprise enable SQL editing with 3rd-party tools. User configuration controls read and/or write access.
      • Tableau Creator user: Publishing Tableau data sources, and creating elaborate reports & dashboards.
    • Tableau Explorer/Viewer Embedded: Viewing, receiving scheduled email reports, design of reports & dashboards on web and mobile devices. The client assigns user roles (ex.: Explorer or Viewer and rights such as viewing, report designer, and site administrator). The price listed here considers DataSelf’s Tableau OEM Cloud user licensing. Consult us for pricing on Tableau OEM on-premises or private cloud user licensing.
    • Power BI: DataSelf will leverage your Microsoft Power BI licenses.
    • Cloud Data Space: Data warehouse data space used (avg: 5% to 20% of the source’s data size). The fee covers SSD space + backup, bandwidth, RAM, and CPU for data warehousing + Embedded Tableau sites.
    • Deployment: The Advanced Edition is cloud-based only (ETL+ needs to be on-site for on-premise/private-cloud sources). The Pro and Enterprise Editions can have a cloud, hybrid, or on-premise/private-cloud deployment. The pricing listed here is for a cloud deployment. Please consult us for hybrid or on-premise/private-cloud deployment.
    • Training: Monthly classes with limited seats available. Reserve your seats at
    • Self-Service Training:
    • Maintenance and Support:

Please contact us to discuss Power BI or other deployment arrangements.
User licenses are named (each person must have their own license).
Prices are subject to change without notice.
DataSelf EULA:

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