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DataSelf Analytics Editions & Pricing

  • Subscription:

  • Tableau OEM Explorers/Viewers:

  • Desktop User:

  • Maximum Scheduled Refreshes:

  • Orange Belt Training Attendees:

  • License Add-ons:

Multi-tenant Cloud:
Source Systems (Unlimited CSV/Excel):
Cloud Data Space:
Data Warehouse Access:
ETL+ CSV Download:
Maintenance and support:
Self-Service Training:
Total Subscription (paid yearly):
Tableau OEM Explorers/Viewers:
Desktop Bundle Users:
Source Systems:
Cloud Data Space:
  • $399/month

  • Bronze ( Dozens )

  • 15

  • 1 ETL+

  • 4/day

  • 2/year

  • No


Write only

Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available

Not available
Not available

  • $999/month

  • Silver ( Hundreds )

  • 40

  • 1 Bundle

  • 1/hour

  • 6/year

  • Yes

Yes (options available)
Unlock it via Add-ons



  • $2,999/month

  • Gold ( Thousands )

  • 100

  • 1 Bundle

  • 1/min

  • Unlimited

  • Yes

Yes (options available)



  • Contact us for other custom needs and payment plans.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee applicable to Yearly subscription payments.
  • Change of Order: Order Add-Ons, change or cancel your subscription after the deployment by contacting your DataSelf seller, or contact us.
  • DataSelf EULA:

License Add-Ons (Pro, Enterprise and ETL+ Standalone):

  • Web Designer/Viewer Users (Tableau OEM Explorer & Viewer):
    • Option 1: $59/10 named-user package/month
    • Option 2: $249/unlimited users/1,500 hits/month (beta)
  • 1 Desktop Bundle User: $187/user/month
    • Or order a la carte:
      • 1 DataSelf ETL+ user: $99/user/month
      • 1 Cloud MS SQL Server user: $39/user/month
      • 1 Tableau OEM Desktop user: $70/user/month
  • 1 Shared Workbook (Tableau OEM Guest user): $59/month
  • 50 Scheduled PDF Email Recipients: $59/month
  • 1 Source System: $99/month
  • 1 Company: $49/month
  • Cloud Data Space:
    • 25GB: $89/month
    • 100GB: $299/month
    • 500GB: $999/month

Services available to all clients:

  • Orange Belt Training: $299/attendee
  • BI Expert Consulting Services: consult your DataSelf seller

DataSelf ETL+ is an easy to use yet powerful extraction, transformation and loading tool. It can extract data from a variety of data sources and load to MS SQL Server databases (data warehouses). ETL+ basic package includes:

  • Source Systems: 1 (additional: $99/system/month)
  • Companies: 1 (additional: $29/company/month)
  • Maximum Scheduled Refreshes: Unlimited to your own data warehouse(s)
  • Self-Service Training: Included
  • Maintenance and Support: Included
  • Enhance it with Add-Ons such as our cloud data space, or upgrade to the other editions.
  • Contact us for volume discounts.


  • Editions: Come pre-mapped to your source system. DataSelf ETL+ also allows easy yet extensive data warehouse customizations. Data warehouse refresh and editing via 3rd party tools (ex.: SSMS) is possible with Pro and Enterprise. Multi-tenant AWS cloud with MS SQL Server & Tableau Server. Contact DataSelf for a dedicated or on-premises environment. All user licenses are named.
  • Source System: ERP, CRM or other raw data source systems (plus unlimited Excel & CSV files and data warehouse reimports).
  • Company: A specific source system database such as a MS SQL database, an ODBC DSN, or an OData URL.
  • Cloud Data Space: Measured by the data warehouse SQL data space used. Typically, ranges from 5% to 20% of the size of your source system database (data space without log).
  • Web Designer/Viewer User: Viewing, receiving scheduled email reports, design of reports & dashboards. It’s comprised of a Tableau OEM Explorer or Viewer user for web and mobile devices. Client assigns user roles (ex.: Explorer or Viewer and rights such as viewing, report designer, and site administrator). Licensing model:
    • Named-user: Default license. Each person must use their own license.
    • Usage (beta): based on the number of Tableau views per month. The fee is based on a 3-month usage moving average. This switches all web/mobile users to a usage-based fee.
  • Desktop Bundle User: Adding new source system tables; direct access to cloud data warehouse; design of Tableau data sources; design of elaborate reports & dashboards. Requires a Web Report Designer/Viewer user. This package includes the following which are also available a la carte:
    • DataSelf ETL+: Easy and powerful extraction, transformation and loading of data into the data warehouse.
    • Cloud MS SQL: Direct access to cloud data warehouse with tools such as Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Crystal Reports, MS SSMS / SSRS / SSAS. Pro and Enterprise enable SQL editing with 3rd-party tools. User configuration controls read and/or write access.
    • Tableau OEM Desktop: Publishing Tableau data sources, and creation of elaborate reports & dashboards. Requires a Web Designer/Viewer user.
  • Data Warehouse Edit: Many clients don’t require data warehouse editing rights or use their ETL+ license(s). Clients wanting to also edit the data warehouse with 3rd party tools (such as SSMS) require Pro or Enterprise Edition.
  • Report and Dashboard Templates:
  • Maximum Scheduled Refreshes: Unlimited manual refreshes. Very frequent refreshes are not recommended. Real-time refresh might be available from some source systems. Contact DataSelf to discuss.
  • Shared Workbook: Add-On. Ability to share a Tableau OEM Workbook with an unlimited number of users. Ex.: to use in plant floor monitors.
  • Scheduled PDF Email Recipients: Add-On. Emailing PDF reports on a schedule basis to users without requiring a Web Report Designer/Viewer license. Up to one Tableau OEM workbook per day per email.
  • Orange Belt Training: Monthly classes with limited seats available. Reserve your seats at
  • Self-Service Training:
  • Maintenance and Support:

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