DataSelf Lite for Sage 100: Sales

This template extracts invoiced-sales data from Sage 100 (Providex or MS SQL Server based). Watch the videos for a quick tutorial, and then click the tabs above to access your reports and dashboards.

  • A simple and and fast extraction process that automatically pulls data from Sage 100 and uploads it into DataSelf Lite’s user interface. A small foot-print data extraction tool needs to be installed on a computer on the same network where Sage 100 is. Minimum system requirements: 1 CPU core, 2GB of RAM, 15GB of free disk space, Win Server 2012 R2/2016 or Win 10, SSMS, fixed IP address.
  • A secured, fast and easy-to-use cloud analytics portal powered by Tableau (Power BI in the near future). That translates into the most empowering tool for changing and creating new reports and dashboards, and performing data discovery.
  • Canned reports and dashboard templates providing over a million easy ways to analyze and slice-and-dice the client’s data.
  • Report and dashboard customization:  DataSelf Lite leverages the ease-of-use of Tableau, so users and consultants can quickly learn how to customize their reports and dashboards. Tableau and DataSelf provide dozens of hours of free online training videos. Please consult us for instructor-lead classes.
  • Data extraction customization: One just needs to customize their DataSelf extraction process (such as adding new fields to pre-mapped tables), and those changes will automatically flow into DataSelf Lite. Please consult us for training in how to use the extraction tool.

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DataSelf Lite Metadata for Sage 100


AR_Customer Table

Cst City = AR_Customer.City

Cst Country = AR_Customer.CountryCode

Cst State = AR_Customer.State

Cst Zip = AR_Customer.ZipCode

Customer Name = AR_Customer.CustomerName

Customer No = AR_Customer.CustomerName

Customer Status = AR_Customer.CustomerStatus

AR_Division Table

AR Division Desc = AR_Division.ARDivisionDesc

AR Division No = AR_Division.ARDivisionNo

AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail Table

Comment Text = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.CommentText

Exploded Kit Item = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.ExplodedKitItem

Extension Amt = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.ExtensionAmt

Quantity Shipped = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.QuantityShipped

Unit Cost = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.UnitCost

Unit Of Measure = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.UnitOfMeasure

Warehouse Code = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.WarehouseCode

AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader Table

Header Seq No = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.HeaderSeqNo

Invoice Date = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceDate

Invoice No = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceNo

Invoice Type = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceType

Sales Order No = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.SalesOrderNo

Ship To City = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToCity

Ship To Code = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToCode

Ship to CountryCode = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToCountryCode

Ship To Name = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToName

Ship To State = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToState

Ship To Zip Code = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToZipCode

AR_Salesperson Table

Salesperson Division No =AR_Salesperson.SalespersonDivisionNo

Salesperson Name = AR_Salesperson.SalespersonName

Salesperson No = AR_Salesperson.SalespersonNo

CI_Item Table

Item Code = CI_Item.ItemCode

Item Code Desc = CI_Item.ItemCodeDesc

Item Type = CI_Item.ItemType

Product Line = CI_Item.ProductLine

Product Type = CI_Item.ProductType

GL_Account Table

Account = GL_Account.Account

Account Desc = GL_Account.AccountDesc

GL_FiscalYearDetail Table

Fiscal Period= GL_FiscalYearDetail.FiscalPeriod

Fiscal Year = GL_FiscalYearDetail.FiscalYear

Fiscal Period Ending = GL_FiscalYearDetail.PeriodEndingDate

IM_ProductLine Table

Product Line = IM_ProductLine.ProductLine

Product Line Desc = IM_ProductLine.ProductLineDesc


Cost of Sales = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.(if ExplodedKitItem <> ‘C’ then UnitCost * QuantityShipped end)

Gross Profit = Sales – Cost of Sales

Qty Sold = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.(if QuantityShipped <> 0 then QuantityShipped end)

Sales = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.ExtensionAmt

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