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Includes 8,000+ Out-of-the-Box Reports & Dashboards

Salesperson; PerformanceSalesperson; Commission Salesperson; VelocitySalesperson; Stuck Opportunities

Customers; UnderperformingCustomers; Sales DeclineCustomers; Stopped BuyingCustomers; Lifetime ValueCustomers; Projection & Ranking

Products; UnderperformingProducts; Profit by Price Point

Campaign; Response AnalyticsCampaign; Cost Per Lead/SaleComparison; Year-Over-YearComparison; Regional BreakdownComparison; Seasonal VariancesComparison; Gross Profit Pareto

Projections; Stock UtilizationProjections; Potential Shortfall/Outage Projections; Forecast surplusProjections; Days of StockProjections; Purchase RecommendationsOptimization; Inventory transfersOptimization; Replenishment planningUsage; By Year, Month, Week, DayUsage; Slow Moving ItemsUsage: Inventory TurnoverUsage; Lost Sales from ShortfallsPurchasing; Price Variance

Cash Flow ProjectionP&L AnalyticsBalance Sheet AnalyticsComparisons; Actual versus BudgetComparisons; Year-Over-YearCollections; Effectiveness IndexCollections; Bad Debt AnalysisCollections; Days Sales Outstanding

Projects; Job Costing MetricsProjects; Cost/Revenue SnalysisProjects; Resource AvailabilityProjects; Performance by WorkerProjects; Performance by DepartmentProjects; Performance by ProjectMaterials; Usage MetricsHours; Estimated vs ActualHours; Overtime Analysis

Support; Cost per CaseSupport; Cost per UserSupport; Cost per ProductSupport; Case Re-prioritization

Clients; Needing Additional Services

DataSelf Analytics brings you 8,000+ out-of-the-box reports,
dashboards and KPIs for more informed business decisions