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If you’re using an ERP system (such as Acumatica, Sage, or NetSuite), or a CRM application (such as Salesforce.com, Microsoft, or Infor), you might be wondering why you need DataSelf’s Analytics solution when your ERP or CRM application already contains a collection of “standard” reports.

Unlike standard reports, DataSelf Analytics make use of a data warehouse, data optimization module, and BI (Business Intelligence) engine to more quickly and easily identify critical activities, trends and KPIs. At the highest-level, this means that DataSelf provides three advantages over standard reports:

  • Power. DataSelf has a greater ability to identify, extract, and represent (via reports & dashboards) activities, trends, and thresholds that are key to organizational efficiencies.
  • Ease-of-Use. Due to its embedded BI engine, DataSelf makes it much easier and faster to search for and locate the precise information you’re looking for.
  • Time-to-Value. DataSelf offer “libraries” of over 8,000 pre-configured reports, dashboards, and KPIs, providing instant value and ROI upon deployment.

From a functional perspective, DataSelf’s dashboards and reports offer 10 key capabilities not found in standard reports. With DataSelf, you can:

1. . . . know more (interactively “drill-down” into report details)

2. . . . see data correlations (“slice-and-dice”) without having to write a new report

3. . . . view data from different perspectives (e.g., sales by revenues, gross profit, COGS, etc.)

4. . . . represent your data visually (via dashboards)

5. . . . say “what if . . . “ (“what if my sales increase by 15%?”)

6. . . . generate projections (“will I have enough stock 3 months down the road?”)

7. . . . use “plain English” to ask for the report you want

8. . . . create your own report (without asking for help from IT)

9. . . . analyze conditions between multiple apps/sources

10. . . . get your report now (and not hours later)

Additionally, DataSelf incorporates a unique data optimization tool (ETL+) and SQL Server data warehouse that both simplifies and expedites the retrieval of critical data from your ERP & related systems.

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