The New DataSelf: Five Developments You Might Not Know About

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The New DataSelf: Five Developments You Might Not Know About

If you think you know who DataSelf is, how our technology works, and what it costs to implement, you’re in for a surprise. Over the past 4 years, DataSelf has re-invented itself from the ground up. This means:

  1. New Technology
  2. Reduced Cost
  3. Expedited Implementation Time
  4. New Reseller Enablement Tools
  5. New ‘1-2-3’ Differentiation Messaging

Let’s begin with the technology.

DataSelf’s roots are in data warehousing; as organizational needs for Business Intelligence and Analytics grew (in the early 2000s), DataSelf’s ETL (“extract, transform, & load”) technology was a perfect fit. ETL enabled organizations to quickly optimize large datasets and more easily retrieve the insight that they required.

However . . . “quickly” and “easily” in the 2000s became “not quick enough” and “not easy enough” 10 years later. And that’s why DataSelf spent the last few years creating the next-generation of its ETL technology. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new ETL+ leverages a new framework and new UI to create the fastest, most-efficient, and most easy to use data optimization tool on the market today.

Circa 2017, the DataSelf implementation time & cost followed the “30/30” guideline that was predominant in the BI/Analytics market at the time: thirty days and thirty thousand dollars. And that was just for starters.

Neither of those numbers is acceptable any longer. Clients demanded that software become simpler (and exponentially faster) to implement and easier to use. The slow but steady progression of traditionally on-prem software to the cloud was a major factor in this simplification. The current release of ETL+ can be deployed by a client in under one hour.

From a license cost perspective, DataSelf’s full-function licenses start at just $399 per month and clients can begin by trying out the free (full-function) trial software.

One might be tempted to think that with a significantly lower price point and a drastically-reduced implementation time, the DataSelf solution would “sell itself”. But that’s not true. We found that both clients and resellers — before looking at license and implementation costs – wanted to understand why they should have a BI or Analytics solution. What business pains did it address, what insight did it provide, and (most importantly), how did it differ from the standard reports that came packaged with every ERP solution?

In 2022, DataSelf compiled the answers to these questions and put them into our “Reseller’s Toolkit”. It’s filled with industry articles, case studies, key statistics, and other sales tools. It also includes straightforward explanations of how Analytics differ from standard ERP reports, and why Analytics are essential to today’s organizational success. The Toolkit makes the DataSelf solution comprehensible and compelling.

But there was one more question that needed answering.

 “What makes DataSelf different from other Analytics solutions?”

For us, the answer to that question is summed up in our ‘1-2-3’ message:

  • Power: DataSelf is the only solution that gives you the next-generation of data extraction, transfer, & load, with its ETL+™ patented technology. With ETL+, complex and labor-intensive reporting tasks can be easily scripted and automated into MS SQL reporting databases (or data warehouses), saving you time and expertise.
  • Ease of Use:  DataSelf is the only solution that leverages the “big 3” of Analytics tools: Tableau and Microsoft Power BI as the top BI technologies on the market for seven years in a row, plus the popular Excel for traditional and analytical reports.
  • Time-to-Value: DataSelf is the only solution that gives you a library of over 8,000 KPI-driven reports and dashboards, ready for your use out-of-the-box. This ensures the fastest ROI of any Analytics solution on the market today.

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