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Why can’t mid-sized organizations have the best in business intelligence tools? That’s the question that launched DataSelf Analytics and what still drives it today.

The Fortune 2000 still seems to have all the best technology and the most polished interfaces. Mid-sized organizations find that almost all mid-market BI providers today offer low power, narrow flexibility, and little room to grow. — That is, except for DataSelf Analytics.

Since 2000, DataSelf’s core team has been providing mid-sized companies with best-of-breed business intelligence technology in one easy-to-deploy solution at a price they can afford.

Build what we do best, borrow what we don’t

What DataSelf has that no other vendor has is simple: We know what we do best, and we know what others do better.

CEO Joni Girardi and his team founded DataSelf with a clear strategy: integrate cutting-edge tools with proprietary components for the optimal blend of economy, ease of deployment, and features.

The easily customizable DataSelf Data Warehouse and DataSelf ETL+ are both the best on the market for mid-sized organizations. On top of that, DataSelf solutions include Gartner-recognized platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, Tableau and Power BI.

Ready-to-go data connectors

Data connectors, ready to go and trouble free, was the second great innovation. Today, DataSelf Analytics connects to most ERP and CRM systems used by mid-sized organizations.

The connectors plus the Microsoft SQL Server, Tableau or Power BI, plus DataSelf’s own Data Warehouse and ETL+ equals a solution that’s unbeatable. It’s a powerful, reliable, and trouble-free data drivetrain.

Fast, hands-on start for users

Most BI solutions start with a very small set of reports and dashboards. Users will then spend a great amount of time learning how to use the tool and building their own reports.

From the beginning, DataSelf has crowdsourced templates — more than 5,000 of them now. These 5,000 templates covering financials, sales, inventory, services and other reporting areas let users take advantage of work by other organizations on day one! It’s crowdsourcing at its best.

For about half of DataSelf clients, the out of the box templates is all that they need to take their data analysis to a whole new level.

The other half use the out of the box templates as a starting point from where they add more value and short cut by months even years the work to completely customize their BI needs.

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