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Dashboard 2.0

Dashboards have become very popular. It seems like everyone needs one.
2-min video


Give your team control of their own alerts.
6-min video

Financial Analytics

P&L, Balance Sheet, variances, what-if scenarios, budgeting, charts and dashboards, and bringing together non-financial data.
6 short videos

Analytics for sales teams

How analytics can make your sales team’s interactions more educated, targeted and efficient.
7 short videos

Analytics for Service Organizations

Learn about the critical role of analytics for service organizations.
6 short videos

Report Distribution Options

Learn options for the distribution of reports and dashboards to different user needs.
3-min video

Data Visualization 101

Boost the clarity of your reports and dashboards by following these simple design principles.
9 short videos

Analytics for Multi-Company Consolidation

45-min video

Power BI vs Tableau

Clash of the Titans!
Several short videos comparing both products, plus BI total cost of ownership.

Tooltip Selection

Using tooltip to see how related data is performing.
3-min video

Building a new report Part I

2.5-min video

Building a new report Part II

5-min video

The magic of Tableau and DataSelf

20-min video