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What are the benefits of construction data analytics software?

You’ve got teams that are hungry for insightful data. We’ve got easy-to-use solutions to feed every one of them. Wherever your construction company has a need, we’ve got a solution. Solutions that are easy to use and flexible enough to fit any construction organization. And to get started, the complete DataSelf Construction BI solution is ready to go with natural language, artificial intelligence and 1,000,000+ ways to slice-and-dice your data – how’s that for a starting point?

“What Joni (CEO of DataSelf) has done with our system is now, as soon as I log in, I’m able to see all of my receivables the way I want, released, non-released, and also my retainage.” – Anderson Pinto, CEO, Hartzell Construction

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Dashboards for Construction

Contracts, Project Accounting and WIP – Sample Dashboards

There are 50+ templates offering a wide range of configuration possibilities to adapt to unique business needs. Actual templates might vary. Some might require additional configuration not included in SOWs unless specifically described.

WIP Report (also included in AADS)
Extensive WIP Reporting with one-click drill-down to tasks and transactions covering current data as well as historical actuals.

Contract Dashboards (also included in AADS)

Insightful and easy ways to spot how contracts and tasks are affecting the bottom line and schedules.

  • Easy to customize (Natural Language Query, Tableau, DataSelf ETL+)

  • Easy and secured access to your data on desktop, web and mobile devices

  • Dozens of reports, dashboards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Automatic distribution of reports

  • Deploys in minutes

  • Starts at $299/month

  • Includes all features from Advanced Analytics

  • Data warehouse for complex reporting and data silos consolidation

  • Extensive library of reports, dashboards and KPIs

  • Runs reports in seconds (no matter your data volume)

  • Deploys in days

  • Starts at $1,499/month

How do I get DataSelf for my construction company?

Call 888-910-9802 x1 or email Sales @