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DataSelf ETL+

Self-service, secured, and streamlined platform for Extraction, Transformation, and Loading.

Understand how DataSelf’s (E)xtract, (T)ransform, & (L)oad technology creates highly-optimized data

ETL+ Main Features

  • Secured data extraction and analytics

  • Simple 15-min deployment

  • Small footprint for on-premises deployments

  • Self-service customizations

  • For cloud and on-premise source systems

  • Delta extractions for fast performance

  • Dedicated or multi-tenant data warehouses

  • Cloud or on-premises data warehouses

  • Easy data consolidation

  • Anytime and anywhere ETL+ metadata maintenance (requires MS Windows and internet access)

  • Powers DataSelf Analytics

Here are some of the new features from our latest release:  Version 2023.10.1905 of ETL+ is a result of client feedback combined with developments to improve productivity, optimize system performance, and enhance the user experience. New features and enhancements include:

  • On-demand refreshing of source metadata via the ETL+ Agent.
  • Automated logging, notification, and response to environmental issues that can impact an installation; as well as ‘automated reconnection’ – if environmental factors cause a connection to drop, ETL+ will auto-reconnect without disruption.
  • An enhanced interface with new icons, color-coded tables, expanded field descriptions and informational messages.
  • New system shortcuts and improvements to the data security framework are also included.


How Can ETL+ Help Your Business?

Bridge data silos and mobilize data to bring about more a-ha moments in your business. With ETL+’s cloud transparent data warehouse, securely access and share data with team members, customers and business partners.

How do I Get DataSelf ETL+ for My Business?

Call 888-910-9802 x1 or email Sales @