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CRM (1,500+ KPIs)

Account (50 KPIs)Accounts by parent account, account age, acct manager, location, status, etc.
Activity (50 KPIs)Activities by account, acct manager, contact, status, time, etc.
Cases/Tech Support (680 KPIs)Tickets by account, acct manager, contract, technician, status, time, etc.
Lead (50 KPIs)Leads by contact, conversion data, location, etc.
Opportunity (1,000 KPIs)Opportunities by account, acct mgr, campaign, product, status, probability, amounts, etc. Sample

Core Financials (1,500+ KPIs)

IN Inventory On Hand (300 KPIs)Current On Hand values and quantities by item, item groupings and warehouse/location.
IN Inventory History (460 KPIs)Inbound and outbound inventory moves over time, cost and quantity. Might require custom work.
IN OH by Month (50 KPIs)Historical On Hand trending by item, item groupings and warehouse/location.
PO Open Purchase Order (510 KPIs)Outstanding purchase orders by vendor, product, warehouse/location, dates, etc.
SA Sales Analysis (1,300 KPIs)Invoices (sales, qty and GP) by customer, acct manager, product, address, ship to, location/warehouse, etc.Sample
SO Sales Order (2,430 KPIs)Open and booked orders by salesperson, customer, product, customer address, ship to, location/warehouse, etc.

Distribution (4,500+ KPIs)

AP Open Payables (350 KPIs)Outstanding payables by vendor, vendor groupings, due date, discount date, aging, etc.
AR Open Receivables (550 KPIs)Outstanding receivables by customer, salesperson, customer groupings, due date, aging, etc.
GL Balances (100 KPIs)Balance sheet and income statement trends & ratios. Might allow drilldown to underlying data. Might require custom work.Sample
GL Transactions (610 KPIs)Posted amt by accounts, account groups, account segments, dates, financial ratios, etc. Might require custom work.Sample
GL Financials (100 KPIs)Income Statement, Balance Sheet and GL Groupings Analytics.Sample

Examples of using DataSelf Analytics

Financial Analytics

Analytics for Sales


Inventory Planning

Sales and Inventory

For Budget and Forecast ou Manufacturing, please contact us for details. 

The actual reporting package may be slightly different from what is shown on the videos.
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