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2022.08: DataSelf Agent for easier remote maintenance and scheduled refreshes. Find feature, keyboard shortcuts, and several usability improvements for increased productivity. New source drivers: MS Access, PostgreSQL, Google Sheets, MySQL, Oracle. Renaming and deleting physical tables. Enhanced command line options. Table loading conflict management. Improved debug options. New and cleaner cloud metadata.

2022.02: Cloud log (users can monitor and troubleshoot ETL+ from anywhere). Data warehouse becomes a default ETL+ source (a powerful feature for advanced data prep). Table mappings now show column names, formats, and indexing on ETL main page. New Design for configuring column data types and indexing. Delta extractions with more granular controls. Support for CTE statements. ETL+ version control incorporated. New zEntity table for analytics metadata management. Loads are processed on temp tables and then transferred to target tables (avoids disrupting target tables during load). Several OData and ODBC extraction adjustments. Support for Windows 11. Scripts automate more deployment steps. Many usability improvements. Many bugs were fixed.

2021.09: Multiple data sources per entity. Improved and more detailed Load UI and Logging. WatchDog email feature. Running Cloud Scripts, Command-Line scripts, and Tableau Extract Refresh. Improved and more reliable OData v3 and v4 extraction. ODBC support for Sage Intacct, Quickbooks Online, MongoDB. Improved error handling. Canceling an ongoing load. Improved management of Refresh Batches. Creation of data warehouse database. Improved Refresh Email management. Many usability improvements. Many bugs were fixed.

2021.03: Integrated IP whitelisting. Simpler installation. SELECT * enabled. Windows Task Scheduler improvements. Cloud logging. Usability improvements. Bugs fixed.

2021.02: Collaboration features. Forced Replace All. Enable loading multiple entities in parallel. Support to OData v4. Redesigned metadata. Configuration of data warehouse schema. Logging of user changes. Usability improvements. Bugs fixed.

2021.01: Usability improvements. Bugs fixed.

2020.12: Replace with Control and Update. Support to NetSuite ODBC. Enable text and Excel files form web sources. Debug mode. Usability improvements. Bugs fixed.

2020.10: First release. Extraction from MS SQL Server, ODBC, OData v3, Excel and CSV. Scheduled refresh via Windows Task Scheduler.