DataSelf Analytics for ecommerce

360 View of ecommerce

Turn your ecommerce data into actionable business insight

Not sure what your conversion rate is?
Still trying to identify your client acquisition cost?
Hoping that your customer retention rate is improving?
Haven’t a clue what your net promoter score (NPS) is?

Maximize Your Traffic

Measure your website visitors (such as time on-site), social media activities (followers, influencers, etc.), and the impact of marketing campaigns on your store and shopping carts.

Whether it’s to spot shipping delays or reduce return rates, DataSelf’s e-commerce module gives you the insight to dynamically adjust resources to the current trends of your business.

Monitor Changing Costs & Profit

Instantly know which customers, items, regions, and seasons are most profitable – and which aren’t. See ROIs based on marketing investments, and drill-down to ‘return on ad’ details. Track sales conversion rates, compare client acquisition costs & values, and determine what actions to take to increase average order value and profit per customer.

Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

The bottom-line in analyzing e-commerce is to get insight on how best to increase your customers’ satisfaction with your organization.

DataSelf provides this insight via the widest array of CSAT reports & dashboards, including client repurchase rate, retention rate, lifetime value, and net promoter score — how likely your clients are to recommend your business.

DataSelf Analytics is up-and-running in under a day and affordably priced for companies of all sizes.

Website Traffic & Top-Performing Pages

How Can DataSelf 360-degree View Help Your Business?