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With DataSelf BI, users make reports faster than they can eat a donut. Fast and informative reports lead to better decisions and smarter management. DataSelf makes it all possible, quickly and easily. See other DataSelf reference sites.

Customer Endorsements

Christopher Gobel
Christopher GobelTwang Partners LLC
“With DataSelf Corp., there is no going back to using GIs. This was the solution to our reporting deficiency.”
Geoff Beaty
Geoff BeatyCOO, Quantumleaf
“Our closing ratio has increased by approximately 75% after we started beginning our demos with DataSelf.” Read the full story here
Tom Vance
Tom Vance Vice President of Operations
“SWK Technologies Builds Data Certainty in Economic Uncertainty with DataSelf
Data insight results in YTD growth and six new sales hires during the Coronavirus
pandemic. Read the full story here
Frank Grenci
Frank GrenciCEO and Co-Founder, Core Associates
“DataSelf does the heavy lifting for us.” Read the full story here
Ian Coleman
Ian ColemanExecutive Vice President, Coleman Oil
“One of the biggest benefits to having accurate, timely reporting is being able to improve our delivery revenue per hour by 7% over the last year.” Read the full story here
Greg Washko
Greg WashkoCEO of Dixie Carpet
“DataSelf was exactly what we needed,” he says. “I was impressed by its flexibility to look at our data from multiple angles, easily select what we needed, and by how user friendly it is. But more important is how fast we can now run reports with DataSelf. Read the full story here
Nigel LeGresley
Nigel LeGresley CFO of Acumatica
“DataSelf has the ability to quickly translate questions into solutions because of the data sets they’ve already established. It dramatically improves the time to insight.” Read the full story here
Peter Paindiris
Peter PaindirisPresident of Teknikor Contracting, Inc.
“After running the powerful combination of DataSelf Analytics with ERP for a short season, I’m extremely impressed with the results including a 23% growth in EBITDA year over year. Our DataSelf reports and dashboards give us more visibility into our data than we’ve ever had, which has led to better and more timely decisions to grow our business.” Read the full story here
David Wieder
David WiederSales Director for NPC Global Corp
“Without DataSelf, I wouldn’t be able to tell you confidently that we grew by double digits per year over the past two years. This isn’t some number that someone came up with, but it’s based on actual data where we understand where it’s coming from and where we are as a company.” Read the full story here
Patty Terrazzino
Patty TerrazzinoSales Operations Manager, SawStop
“We have more than doubled in size over the past 10 years and DataSelf has helped us repeatedly. Anything we throw at their team, they figure out. Read the full story here” Read the full story here
Rick MacKirdy
Rick MacKirdyCEO at Modus
“The biggest deal, says MacKirdy, is that his reports get delivered to his inbox every morning by the DataSelf automatic distribution module. “That’s just phenomenal.” Read the full story here
Kick Van Lunenburg
Kick Van LunenburgPresident at Canadian Life Science
“Digging into a big pile of data is not the way to answer those questions, but a program that pulls it all together from all sources. The holistic, complete view you get from that is where you see the answers. Read the full story here
Seth Ellertson
Seth EllertsonDirector of Sales at Net@work
“We know to the penny if we’re up or down. And because we know, we’re able to get ahead of the business instead of letting the business run us. Read the full story here
John Barrett
John BarrettCOO at Wiley X, Inc.
“Being an old dog, I know software that meets one’s expectations is rare. DataSelf BI has far exceeded mine. We bought it for its world-class sales reporting, and now I’m saving up to $500,000 annually because I also use it to manage my inventory and purchasing more effectively. Read the full story here
David Fulmer
David FulmerVP and co-founder at SawStop
“DataSelf BI provides exceptional ROI through reduced overhead plus the ability of our sales force to quickly and easily identify under-performing accounts! Read the full story here
Sam Prestipino
Sam PrestipinoCOO at Implus Footcare LLC
“After email, DataSelf BI is the first thing the CEO checks in the morning. I use it religiously. You can drill down, drill up and drill back in history. You can look at snapshots on how we’re doing versus how we’ve done the past three years. Read the full story here
Toine van der Knaap
Toine van der KnaapGen. Manager at St. Davids’ Hydroponics
“In the produce business, things change fast. With DataSelf BI, our business data becomes live. I can bend the data, shape it, move it around. It becomes live in ways that a piece of paper just can’t. Read the full story here
Heather Welsch
Heather WelschSenior Accountant at Pyramid Time Systems
“I love DataSelf Analytics. I started right up making my own reports. It made my old report writer look like a dinosaur!”
Lou Cherniss
Lou ChernissCFO at Calaveras Telephone Company
“I am very happy with DataSelf Analytics. Once we integrate our legacy billing system and 2nd ERP system we’ll be able to take control of our data as never before.”
Leslie Hull
Leslie HullSales & Marketing, ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.
“I love this program! I’ve been putting together sales reps’ territories dashboards. Our CFO was looking for something today and after losing two hours trying to get it out of our accounting package she had the data in minutes with DataSelf BI – very cool! She was thrilled!”
Kevin Cunningham
Kevin CunninghamIT Director at Scorpion Sports, Inc.
“DataSelf BI has helped us save around $250,000 in discounts on over-stocked inventory. That alone has made the small investment in this enterprise-class software a miracle. Read the full story here
Daniel Schnyder
Daniel SchnyderSpecial Projects at Emmi (USA), Inc.
“It now takes just seconds to see trends in sales and budgets — areas that took a long time before. People here are getting more and more excited. We now act on new trends as they emerge, while the time is right, when adjustments can make the biggest impact.”
Mark Sturmon
Mark SturmonCEO of ATRO
“I was too busy for training. When I need something new, I just take an existing report and modify it to suit my needs. If I’ll ever need it again, I do a “Save As”. Sure, I could get training. But now I just muddle through it, and I have what I want when I need it, so I’m happy.”

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