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DataSelf BI-based Reporting: Benefits . . . and Beneficiaries

When evaluating the merits of BI-based Reporting software, it’s typical to consider the following questions:

  • Why do you need it? (What business pains are you trying to address?)
  • What does the software do?
  • How does it work?

As important as these questions are, there’s also an additional factor that needs considering:

  • Who benefits from this solution – and how?

Specifically, consider these three “who” factors:

Who: Management and C-level staff
Benefit: Superior strategic insight
How: Top-rated BI tools, advanced drill-down, largest KPI library

The most profound impact of high-level reporting is on the people who have to make the biggest decisions — the CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, and managers. These are the people who use reports to make do-or-die decisions regarding an organization’s goals, strategy, and resource management.

DataSelf BI-based Reporting first allows companies to choose from two of the industry’s best BI tools (Tableau or Power BI), and then equips them with infinite drill-down for in-depth analysis and dynamic trend discovery. Added to this is the largest library of management analytics, including: year-over-year variances, inventory utilization forecasts, and cash flow projections. These reports are specifically-designed for executives who need instant access to key performance indicators and strategic metrics. With DataSelf, this insight is delivered via reports that run in under ten seconds.

Who: All staff
Benefit: Empower all users to create & customize their own reports
How: Natural language query (NLQ), drop-down slicers, user-friendly data models

Many companies cringe at the thought of implementing BI reporting software because they envision a technically-challenging ordeal of months spent getting the solution to fit their needs. They picture their already overworked IT/programming staff spending time – time they don’t have — designing, modifying and running reports before they can even begin see a benefit.

This is where DataSelf shines. Offering no-code, low-code, full-code capabilities, all users – regardless of technical ability – can create, modify, and run their own reports. DataSelf offers user-friendly tools including: a natural language query (think “Google Search”), drop-down “slicers” that allow data to be parsed by whatever criteria is desired, and drag-and-drop selection of reporting fields from simplified data models.

Who: IT and business analysts
Benefit: Streamlined data management tasks
How: ETL+ and data warehousing

The data stored in ERP, CRM, and related apps is “transactional” – ideal for the entry, updating, and retrieval of data, but highly inefficient when it comes to the storage, analysis, and integration of that data. This puts a significant burden – an ever-growing one — on an organization’s IT staff and business analysts, eating up a considerable percentage of their time and resources.

DataSelf takes a unique approach to transactional data. Using a proprietary technology called ETL+ (for (e)xtract, (t)ransform, and (l)oad), DataSelf takes large data repositories and transforms them into formats that are highly optimized for reporting, historical reference, and system integration.

In this process data is cleansed, standardized, and aggregated for improved analytics — and then is stored in an optimized SQL data warehouse. This not only makes it easier and faster to access, it saves an organization’s IT staff hundreds of hours annually in database management.

When it comes to evaluating reporting software, don’t just consider the what, why, and how. Think about who is doing the reporting and who else is impacted by your reporting needs. From executives to IT staffers, DataSelf’s BI-based Reporting has unique benefits for each and every group.

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