DataSelf Celebrates Anniversary of ETL+ with New Release

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DataSelf Celebrates Anniversary of ETL+ with New Release

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Santa Clara, CA — 10/30/23 — DataSelf Corp., the mid-market leader in business analytics and data management software, today announced a new release of ETL+, the industry leading technology behind its Data Warehousing and BI-Based Reporting solutions. Version 2023.10.1905 of ETL+ is a result of client feedback combined with developments to optimize system performance.

For improved productivity, the new version of ETL+ provides on-demand refreshing of source metadata via the ETL+ Agent – particularly for on-prem installations and sites with slow data sources. The Agent has also been enhanced to perform DataSelf remote installations and upgrades – making this a seamless experience for clients.

ETL+ performance has been improved via automated logging, notification, and response to environmental issues that can impact an installation. These include a client’s hardware, software, and internet environments as well as issues with the OS, .NET, ports, disk space and RAM. And, the new release features ‘automated reconnection’; if environmental factors cause a connection to drop, ETL+ will auto-reconnect without disruption.

The ETL+ user experience has been improved via an enhanced interface that includes new icons, color-coded tables, expanded field descriptions and informational messages. New system shortcuts and improvements to the data security framework are also included.

Joni Girardi, CEO of DataSelf, adds that “BI people spend a lot of time working on the information that decision makers need. It’s critical that their data is as accurate, clean, and updated as possible. This release of ETL+ focuses on improvements to our clients’ data pipelines to ensure that they are reliable, secure, and automated.”

More detailed descriptions of the new features as well as download links to the new version of ETL+ are available at:


About DataSelf Corp.
DataSelf Analytics provides a business intelligence-based reporting solution that enables more-informed decision-making. Managers get a 360-degree view of their business, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, field service, construction, and non-profit.

Deployed in minutes, DataSelf’s solution includes a “no code / low code / full code” data optimization tool (ETL+) that consolidates your data silos into a data warehouse. DataSelf also leverages the ease-of-use of Tableau, Power BI, and Excel, and includes 8,000+ KPIs to anticipate reporting needs for instant ROI.

DataSelf comes pre configured for use with popular ERPs and CRMs such as Acumatica, HubSpot, Infor, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, Sage, SAP, and Visit

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