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DataSelf Analytics Launch Pad

From Zero to BI in less than 10 Minutes

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Provide us with an Acumatica anonymous user credential.
  3. We’ll deploy your DataSelf Launch Pad in 10 minutes. You’ll have insightful access from your new dashboards once your data has been uploaded (it might take minutes to hours depending on your data volume).

Secured Data Access

DataSelf requires an Acumatica user credential with reading rights to securely extract your data to our cloud AWS. Then, we securely render your DataSelf report and dashboard templates using our Tableau AWS https portal. All communications are SSL based. Your data in our cloud servers will not be shared, nor sold to third parties.

You keep total control of our access to your Acumatica via the provided user credentials.

Included with the Launch Pad

At the end of your data extraction (might take minutes to hours), you’ll have access to the DataSelf top 10 most popular Sales Invoice dashboards for Acumatica for free for 30 days! You’ll also be able to customize and create new reports and dashboards.

Click this image to view the included templates


Upon termination, your data will be purged from our servers within 14 days.

10-min Deployment Form (to be filled out at Acumatica Summit)