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Clark Walliser joins the DataSelf team as a BI consultant and sales engineer. Clark’s three decades of experience in helping companies effectively use technology will be invaluable to DataSelf clients. “I work to connect the dots between people, processes, systems, and data,”says Clark.

What makes you a BI guru?

I work with companies to optimize interactions between people, ERP systems, and business intelligence. Some of the areas I am experienced in include financial systems, sales and manufacturing environments, CRM integration, ERP implementation, and business process optimization.

How many years of experience do you have working with Business Intelligence

I have worked in business intelligence or data analysis for more than twenty years. BI tools have changed a lot over that time and I am grateful to be working with a leading BI company for the mid-market like DataSelf. 

What professional or educational accreditation/degrees do you have?

I have a BA in Economics from Wheaton College and an MDiv from Golden Gate Theological Seminary.  I also have Microsoft Certifications including MCSA: BI Reporting and MS Certification Enabling Teams.

What do you do for fun?

I play racquetball six days a week and I can walk outside my door and go hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I also enjoy reading history and sci-fi. 

What guru wisdom would you like to share?

My father always said, “What one reasonably intelligent person can do, another can probably do.” I always say “Wisdom is the accumulation of many mistakes.” And this author is unknown, but the quote is so true: “If at first you do succeed, try hard to hide your astonishment!”


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