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DataSelf is thrilled to announce the newest team member, Zack Van Valkenburg. Zack is a BI Ninja providing customer support, training, and project management to customers. He designs out of the box dashboards and helps with marketing too. According to Zack, “I work on all challenges that get tossed my way.”

Why did you decide to work for DataSelf?

I have been working for Dataself on the side for some time.  I love analytics, people, and small growing companies. Dataself is all of those things, but specifically, I have found both Joni and Lori to be honest and good people.  It is becoming harder and harder to find that these days. So, when there was an opportunity to stretch my analytical skills and surround myself with such good people, I jumped on it.

What did you do prior to working for the company?

I have worked for a variety of companies, but the common thread among them was analyzing things, whether that was the human body, hunting goods, or processes.  I analyzed how the thing worked and worked to improve it.

How many years of experience do you have working with Business Intelligence

8 years

What other field experience do you have?

I have spent a lot of that time working on Demand Planning, Inventory, Procurement, Forecasting, etc.  During that time, I helped create/establish best practices for several companies.

What is your specialty in regard to the work you do for DataSelf?

I guess you could say that my specialty is listening to the needs of anyone from c-level to analyst and translating those needs into easily understood and workable solutions.  Sometimes, that has been as a project manager working with a group of developers. Other times, that has been creating the solution with my own hands.

What professional or educational accreditation/degrees do you have that qualifies you as a BI Ninja?

I have a BS of Finance from the University of Utah.  I have been through Six Sigma Greenbelt Training. I am a Crystal Ball award winner.

What do you do for fun?

I love to grow things.  I start all kinds of plants from seeds and try my best to nurture them to maturity.


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