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Post-Discovery Call Email Template

Note that the benefit statements below should correspond to the business pains you identify during the discovery call. (The ‘reseller playbook’ has good questions to help determine these pains.)

Hello, {contact_name}:

Thanks for taking the time today to speak with me about DataSelf for your reporting and analytical needs.  I’d like to propose that one of our staffers set up the free 30-day trial of Pro Analytics for your organization.

Based on our conversation, I feel that DataSelf could help your organization:

  • Manage your inventory to have instant access to what items are where, are on order, are allocated, etc.
  • Analyze your costs to identify abnormal expenditures and areas of potential savings.
  • Monitor your cash flow to better predict and allocate resources for future projects & growth.
  • Track inventory fluctuations and prevent stock outages, backorders, and expiring lots.
  • Provide instant insight to daily sales numbers to your management team.

Thank you again for your time; I’ll contact you in a couple of days to arrange for your free evaluation of DataSelf Analytics.