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Webinar Titles & Descriptions Templates

Title #1: 6 Business Challenges Solved by Analytics Description:

Writing off bad debt . . . running out of stock . . . cutbacks due to unpredictable cash flow . . . These are just some of the all-too-typical challenges that face businesses today. And if you’re like most organizations, you take the ‘what-to-do-when’ approach – how to respond to these problems after they occur. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can prevent problems like these from occurring through the implementation of a system of pro-active business analytics.

Title #2: 3 Steps to Successful Business Analytics Description:

Business intelligence (BI) promises more-informed decision-making; yet the majority of small and mid-sized businesses have shied away from BI because of the time, effort, and expense in getting it up-and-running. There’s accessing, securing, and optimizing your data; the challenge of selecting the best BI engine for your company’s needs, and the process of creating and/or customizing the reports and dashboards specific to your business. This session will show how to make BI & analytics an achievable goal for your organization.