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Awarded an Editors’ Choice for The Best ERP Software by PCMag, Acumatica Cloud ERP provides users a real-time view of their businesses at any time, from anywhere, on any device. For over five years now, Acumatica has been the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP solution, yet they were determined to take their decision-making support system to the next level.

That’s where DataSelf came in.

Learn more about DataSelf Analytics for Acumatica.

Acumatica’s Challenge to Itself

While Acumatica had initial success using its own ERP product in conjunction with Power BI for reporting dashboards and analytics, as the company grew, it needed a more robust and timely solution. Many reports still had to be manually rebuilt and refreshed repeatedly, and “real-time” business insights were not always immediately available.

“We had been using different reporting tools and dashboards,” said Acumatica CFO Nigel LeGresley, “and Acumatica was one of the launch customers for Power BI, which pulls internal and external data sources together into an elegant UI, but I knew we could make improvements.”

Coincidentally, that was when DataSelf CEO and founder Joni Girardi reached out to Acumatica about becoming an ISV partner.

“It really did just come together very well,” said LeGresley, “with us in a position of looking to add something to our portfolio and DataSelf being in the position to fill that gap.”

DataSelf Brings Deep Expertise

While he already knew it was time to improve on Power BI, LeGresley still had to decide whether Acumatica would work through DataSelf or go directly to Tableau, one of the analytics layers embedded in DataSelf. Ultimately, what sold LeGresley on adding DataSelf was their deep expertise and comprehensive data warehousing and Tableau out-of-the-box solution.

“After working with Joni and his team, it was very clear this was the way to go, using their capabilities and prepackaged dashboards. DataSelf has the ability to quickly translate questions into solutions because of the data sets they’ve already established. It dramatically improves the time to insight.”

Not only does DataSelf’s data warehouse ensure the data is refreshed every day, it negates the need to rebuild or refresh manually. Its system also automatically pulls records that were added since the last refresh. Users can run a refresh as often as every 15 minutes, which means the Acumatica team can see their latest data several times an hour instead of waiting, in some instances, for as long as a month.

Acumatica Global HQ Bellevue, WA

Acumatica came to the table with over 250 Standard Reports, an almost unlimited number of Custom Reports available without coding through Generic Inquiries, Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI, and certified third-party applications for analytics and BI. Still, for LeGresley, DataSelf significantly expanded his view of the data while also replacing manual processes. The new DataSelf automation significantly reduced the time it took to process a given report while providing the Acumatica team more opportunity to analyze the data, gain insights from it, and take action.

Acumatica added the DataSelf solution to its arsenal. LeGresley experienced zero pushback from the adoption and is happy his team understands that while there is never a one-size-fits-all solution, DataSelf certainly has a well-deserved place among Acumatica’s most used business tools.

Three Factors for Success

Joni Girardi, DataSelf founder and CEO, credits three factors to DataSelf’s Acumatica success:

  1. DataSelf’s cloud data warehouse provides a fast and reliable reporting foundation that Acumatica needs.
  2. DataSelf’s vast library of templates. “Because of the templates,” Girardi said, “a lot of the reports Acumatica wanted could be put together very quickly.”
  3. DataSelf’s expertise sealed the deal. Acumatica selected a handful of reports and dashboards to test in its pilot run, and DataSelf delivered on time and budget.

ROI and Path Ahead 

Acumatica has already experienced remarkable ROI with DataSelf: their board report preparation can now be completed in half the time. This frees up time to focus on analysis and other critical board tasks.

“There is much more on the horizon,” said LeGresley, “which is one of the key reasons we chose DataSelf. We knew that it was going to be a marathon and not a sprint.”

With DataSelf, Acumatica’s team is confident they will continue to gain more insight and rich information. The solution empowers analysts to be in front of the decision-making process, being far more proactive than reactive.

“In order for us to take care of our customers, we need to have insight into our business,” LeGresley stated. “The more knowledge we have about our customers, the more value we’re going to be able to bring them. Tableau and DataSelf help us gain that insight.”

Jul 2019.

“We are big users of DataSelf / Tableau reports and love them!”
Sean Chatterjee / SVP, Americas
Acumatica – Aug 2023

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