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DataSelf Analytics for HubSpot
Reports, Dashboards, and KPIs (Power BI & Tableau)

Self-service Natural Language, Artificial Intelligence, and 1,000,000+ ways to slice and dice your data.

DataSelf Analytics for Hubspot leverages a powerful yet simple data warehouse, Tableau / Power BI to display your HubSpot KPIs. 

Highly Customizable

One of the most empowering features in DataSelf Analytics for Hubspot are highly configurable dashboard views and capabilities that give you a nearly endless number of ways to slice and dice data. 

  • Natural language queries.
  • Secure access via web browser and mobile device (native apps for Android and iOS) over the internet.
  • Extensive slice-and-dice, filtering and drill down features.
  • Geographical trend analysis through maps.
  • Automatically distributing reports and dashboards to licensed users by email on schedule.
  • Data alerts (notify by email when a threshold has been crossed).
  • Export reports via PDF, Excel, PNG, and Power Point.
  • Save custom views.
  • Create, modify and publish custom reports, dashboards, and projects (folders).
  • Access and download underlying data.
  • Comment feature for team collaboration.
  • Control user access to reports, dashboards and data sources.
  • Independent user credentials. Add-ons: MFA and SSO.
  • One-click open of Hubspot pages directly from reports and dashboards.
  • Embed DataSelf Analytics reports in Hubspot. Details here.
  • Embed DataSelf Analytics pages into other applications via Java code and iFrame.

Sample Reports and Dashboards for Hubspot

Cloud or On-premises Data Warehouse

  • Requires one Hubspot user for data extraction. Click here for the required user roles.
  • After the initial data extract, subsequent overnight refreshes only extract new and updated records.
  • The data refresh is automated, fast, with very low maintenance.

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