BI-based Reporting – Eye Opening Statistics

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BI-based Reporting – Eye Opening Statistics

At DataSelf, we LOVE data as much as you do – and we thought you might be interested to learn about some key trends in BI-based reporting. The following statistics are drawn directly from DataSelf clients and VARs…

On-Prem, Hybrid, & the Cloud

In the past 5 years, there has been a significant increase in DataSelf clients who have embraced our AWS or Azure cloud Business Intelligence platforms. All deployments since late 2020 are using DataSelf’s new data structure that leverages the latest technologies and deployment platforms. If the cloud isn’t for you, fear not – as DataSelf will continue to support all deployment options; on-prem, hybrid, and cloud. What deployment type do you prefer and why? Comment here. >

New Editions for New Markets

Starting in 2020, DataSelf expanded its small and mid-market appeal thru solutions that are deployed in minutes and easy to maintain. With an entry-level offering starting at $99/month, DataSelf’s BI-based Reporting and ETL+ Data Warehousing solutions can be leveraged by organizations of all sizes. The ETL+, Essentials, and Pro editions are becoming more popular for their low cost and high value while the Enterprise Edition provides a uniquely powerful solution for large and complex data problems.  Thoughts on this? Comment here. >

Increased Adoption by VARs

DataSelf’s VARs (Value-Added Resellers) represented about 78% of our 2023 sales (up from 62% in 2019). This is a critical part of our vision going forward – educating and enabling resellers to offer clients our comprehensive BI-based Reporting and Data Warehousing solutions. This growth reflects our continued commitment to partner education and support, enabling VARs to choose their level of involvement with the DataSelf team – from simple ‘solution referral partners’, to ‘end-to-end solution integrators’ – all including full support from the DataSelf “DataGeek Team”. See the post on LinkedIn here. >

Increased Reliance on BI-based Decision-Making

As DataSelf’s BI-based Reporting leverages the Tableau and Power BI tools, it’s interesting to see clients’ increased reliance on these tools for their decision-making. In Tableau’s case, a ‘user engagement’ indicates that a user has interacted with the DataSelf Tableau portal. For DataSelf clients using Tableau, the number of engagements has increased annually, with sales insight being the top engagement area, followed by financials, inventory, manufacturing, and Project Management. Do you use DataSelf’s AWS Tableau Portal? Let us know what you like most here! >

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