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The following is a sample from over 1,500 reports, dashboards and KPIs for analyzing opportunities by account, acct mgr, campaign, product, status, probability, amounts and several other dimensions. Please contact us for further information.

CRM Opportunity – Sample Dashboards

Opportunities by Size: Should you focus on opportunities based on their size? KPIs like the ones below can assist in analyzing opportunity size by different perspectives.  


360-degree View of your Business Operations: The example below shows customers with outstanding receivables (brown color indicates clients with AR past due amounts), all CRM opportunities with high probability of closing, orders to be shipped, actual sales and gross profit, all according to selected filters (in this example: this quarter and by an account manager). Similar dashboards can show information by product, territory, account manager and other dimensions that work across the involved data sources.
This dashboard is not available out-of-the-box. However, it’s easy to set it up if your organization has the data to populate it (contact us for details).


Who’s Hot:  KPIs like the ones below can assist in figuring out who an account manager should follow up next. To define who should follow up next, dashboards like this can incorporate data from any CRM data as well as other systems such as the ERP (for instance, is pending sales orders, customer credit limit and late receivables relevant?). 


Stuck Opportunities: KPIs like the following can assist in finding out which opportunities need your attention. 


Sales Funnel: The sales funnel below is a traditional one. DataSelf provides several variations for your to analyze which ones can assist your sales management process. 


Days in the Pipeline: Managing opportunities age is critical for many organizations. The opportunity age can be determined by the time the opportunity was open, when the last activity happened and other rules.  


All Opportunities: To find out critical trends, DataSelf provides several dashboards like the one below so you can analyze the performance of all opportunities.  


Sales Pipeline: To find out critical sales trends, DataSelf provides several dashboards like the one below so you can analyze your sales pipeline.  


Sales and Lost Sales: To find out critical sales and lost sales trends, DataSelf provides several KPIs so you can be on top of sales or lost sales growth across your initiatives.  


Avg Time to Close a Sale: Keeping an eye on KPIs like the ones below can assist you in quickly find out the good and bad trends that are affecting your sales team effectiveness.


Lost Sales: Sometimes lost sales have a trove of information to help you be more efficient moving forward. DataSelf provides several KPIs to analyze lost sales. 


YTD Sales by Territory: Accumulating metrics such as YTD, QTD, YoY and moving windows by different measures might reveal trends that could go unnoticed.


Open Opportunities: Open opportunities are where the sales action take place. DataSelf provides a wide range of KPIs to analyze the performance and evolution of your opportunities. 

Download full list or reports, dashboards and KPIs

 DataSelf provides plug-and-play templates for the following CRM systems:
Infor CRM
MS Dynamics 365
MS Dynamics CRM
Sage CRM
Sugar CRM

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