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DataSelf Analytics for Salesforce brings answers to everyone, Data Geek and Data-Hungry, Non-Geek alike. 

“DataSelf has changed the whole essence of our company. This is the first time we started seeing our true growth – what we were winning, losing, and how my team’s sales efforts were working.” -David Wieder, Sales Director at NPC Global Corp

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For the data-hungry, non-geek

  1. DataSelf is flexible enough to pull data from all over your organization.
  2. By pulling data from everywhere, DataSelf provides valuable insights into every aspect of your business.
  3. Your DataSelf can be ready in a matter of hours.
  4. With 1,500 reports ready on the first day, you don’t have to know how to build reports to start getting an ROI.
  5. When you’re ready, building your own custom reports is drag, drop, and filter.

For the data geek

  1. DataSelf uses a MS SQL data warehouse structure that has been refined over the last 15 years to satisfy data-hungry people.
  2. DataSelf uses Tableau for the front-end visualizations, which has been consistently rated one of the best BI tools in the market.
  3. DataSelf has been deployed repeatedly in Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid environments.
  4. The DataSelf ETL makes it possible to bring in other data sources and minimize impact on other systems.

1,000,000+ ways to slice-and-dice your data

  • Must-have key performance indicators for:
    • Opportunity Analysis.
    • Contact Management.
  • Named-user licenses (details here):
    • 1 Explorer: creation, editing and slicing & dicing of reports.
    • 1 Viewerslicing & dicing of reports.
  • Highly customizable:
    • Natural language queries.
    • Secure access via web browser and mobile device (native apps for Android and iOS) over the internet.
    • Extensive slice-and-dice, filtering and drill down features.
    • Geographical trend analysis through maps.
    • Automatically report delivered by email on your schedule.
    • Data alerts (notify by email when a threshold has been crossed).
    • Export reports via PDF, Excel, PNG, and Power Point.
    • Save custom views.
    • Create, modify and publish custom reports, dashboards, and projects (folders).
    • Access and download underlying data.
    • Comment feature for team collaboration.
    • Control user access to reports, dashboards and data sources.
    • Independent user credentials. Add-ons: MFA and SSO.
    • Embed Lite reports in Salesforce. Details here.
  • Transparent Cloud Data Warehouse:
    • Requires one Salesforce user for data extraction.
    • Upcoming customizations:
      • User-controlled data warehouse remapping.
      • Changing auto refresh schedule.
      • On-demand data refresh. 
    • Limitation: Data warehouse functions such as additional data sources, data consolidation, cleaning and preparation are not included. See DataSelf Enterprise for full-fledged data warehousing capabilities.
    • Easy upgrade from Lite to Enterprise at any time.

Pricing: $499/month

Additional named-user licenses:

  • Explorer: $40/user/month.
  • Viewers: $20/user/month

A zillion ways to slice-and-dice your data
plus a full-fledged enterprise data warehouse

  • All the benefits from DataSelf Lite.
  • 1,500+ report and dashboard templates.
  • Includes a full-fledged data warehouse that can be fully customized to address data consolidation, cleaning and preparation needs. Includes a wide set of features to efficiently and quickly handle large data volumes.
  • Imports all data.
  • Historical data consolidation from old systems (ex: after migrating from an old CRM). Consolidate your legacy and live data for historical analysis like you never changed the CRM system.
  • Optimize your systems for fast performance. Running reports against your live databases is a main cause for slowness in IT systems. DataSelf reports run against the data warehouse guaranteeing fast queries and no performance hit on source systems.
  • Allows integration of data from all of your data silos such as ERP, CRM, payroll, Excel sheets, proprietary systems, e-commerce, EDI, and POS for 360-degree view of your operations from a single reporting platform.
  • DataSelf Enterprise has been evolving since 2005 with hundreds of client deployments.
  • DataSelf Lite’s promo launch doesn’t apply to Enterprise.

Pricing: Contact us.


Monitor all your opportunities, slice and dice them as needed, and analyze the details all on a single page.

Sales Velocity is a powerful metric in the monitoring and management of sales processes. The long-term goal is increasing the number of opportunities created by period, the average sales amount, and the win/lost ratio, while reducing the average days to close.

Stuck Opportunity dashboards provide easy ways to identify, slice and dice, and focus on moving them forward.

Give each decision-maker their own 360-degree view dashboard. They’ll be able to easily access key  performance indicators across all data silos and drill down as needed. This example shows a C-level  dashboard gathering data from the ERP, CRM, Google Analytics, Social Media, and Excel.

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3 Major Benefits of DataSelf Analytics for Salesforce

  • A mature BI system with over 1,500 report and dashboard templates: The result of years of development and serving organizations like yours using tools such as Tableau, Power BI or Excel. While each business is unique, there are lots of common reporting needs that are critical across many organizations.  For instance, do you have questions about your customer sales trend, for instance, which clients have the biggest sales growth or decline in this period? You’ll likely find perfect answers among our 400+ reports and dashboards for customer sales, or answers will only require simple template adjustments. Click here to learn more about our templates.

  • A flexible enterprise-grade data warehouse framework to consolidate all of your data silos: Have you ever wonder why your team spends so much time preparing data for reporting purposes? Why it takes so long to refresh your reports? And why sometimes different reports with the same metrics don’t match? All of these issues can be easily tackled with data warehousing. Data warehousing effectively automates repetitive manual processes, optimizes data for fast performance, and brings all of your data together for a single version of the truth. DataSelf has been refining and leveraging the latest data warehousing technology for over a decade so your team can focus on data analysis instead of data preparation. Click here to learn more about our software architecture.  

No matter what your current data solution, DataSelf can enhance your data insights with a subscription-based solution tailored to your needs, or choose only what you need.

Transparent Cloud Data Warehouse

  • Requires one Salesforce user for data extraction.
  • Upcoming customizations:
    • User-controlled data warehouse remapping
    • Changing auto-refresh schedule
    • On-demand data refresh. 
  • Limitation: Data warehouse functions such as additional data sources, data consolidation, cleaning, and preparation are not included. See Enterprise Analytics by DataSelf for advanced data warehousing capabilities
  • Easy upgrade from Advanced Analytics to Enterprise Analytics at any time

The Advanced Analytics for Salesforce by DataSelf early-adopter phase requires a DataSelf certified consultant for the deployment, testing and onboarding training. In a few months out, we’re going to release a self-service version. Users with Salesforce admin rights will be able to deploy the solution via a simple, and wizard-driven process that should take should take less than 20 minutes.

System Architecture

How Can DataSelf Help Your Business?

If you are spending hours every month pulling together reports. Reduce labor costs with our automated reporting procedures.

If your BI solution is complex and report changes require long IT waits. Create your own reports with our easy-to-use reporting platform.

If you have lots of data and your reports are running slowly. Our reports run in seconds no matter how big your databases are.

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