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Data security is a growing concern among mid-sized organizations. At the same time, complex VPN procedures make it almost impossible for users to easily and securely access their data over the internet. Multi-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA) has proven to be a solid way to solve that problem. It dramatically improves security while keeping it simple for users to access their organization’s data. However, finding and setting up MFA can be a complex and expensive project.

That changes today! DataSelf just released an easy-to-deploy and inexpensive MFA framework.

No matter what security authentication framework an organization uses, their DataSelf Analytics can now feature MFA. With it, administrators can define which users will require MFA, how often they need to use MFA (such as at every login or once a week), from what locations (for instance, no need to use MFA from trusted IP addresses), and what kind of devices are supported (for instance iOS or Android only).

DataSelf’s authentication solution supports SAML or OpenID Connect protocols which are well-established and robust methods for MFA and SSO (single sign-on).  DataSelf MFA can integrate with an organization’s existing SAML or OpenID Connect systems, or it can work independently. For systems not supporting SAML or OpenID Connect, the framework sits on top of DataSelf Analytics and leverages Microsoft Azure Active Directory with MFA. For clients using DataSelf’s cloud servers, MFA is available via SAML and can be easily configured by site administrators.

No matter the direction an organization takes with DataSelf, the new framework dramatically reduces the time, effort and cost to deploy and maintain MFA. That’s a peace of mind for IT and cost-conscious management!

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Posted on 08/30/2018.

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