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The following are a few Tableau Dashboards and Reports for Sales and Inventory from a our library of over 4,000 report, dashboard and KPI templates for analyzing sales and inventory trends. You might want to leverage our plug-and-play solution for Tableau, or use our Tableau data sources and workbooks to connect directly to your data. Please contact us for details.

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Tableau Dashboards and Reports for Sales & Inventory

Tableau Dashboards – Sales Invoice

Salesperson Dashboard

Provides a 360-degree view of customer touch points. This example requires Sales, CRM Opportunities, AR Aging, and Email Marketing.


Easy and extensive ways to slice and dice sales information

Hot Customers by Sales

Select data points to filter and drill down to 2nd dimension. Use boxes on the right to customize.

Cold Customers by Sales

Select data points to filter and drill down to 2nd dimension. Use boxes on the right to customize.

DataSelf Slicer: Sales Data

Hover over top-left blank area, click +/- to expand/colapse.

Sales Trendlines


Same-Period Prior-Year Comparison: Sales by Customer

Use parameters on the right to change the report. Hover over 1st Clmn and click ‘+’ to drill down.

Sales Details

Select relative Doc Date and filters on the right.

Pareto for Customer

Customers in blue represent 80% of your GP. Some large clients by sales might have small or even negative impact in your GP.

Whale Curve for Customers

Which Customers are adding or subtracting to your bottom line considering an avg invoice overhead cost? Net GP = GP – (Doc Overhead) x (Doc Count) > 0 adds to the bottom line. The Whale Curve (Net GP Accrued) is sorted descending by Net GP. Customers on the left side (black arrows up) are adding to the bottom line.

365-Rolling-Day Sales by Customer

Select No of Rolling Days and other parameters on the right. Hover over 1st Clmn and click ‘+’ to drilldown. Ex.: Rolling Days = 90: This Rolling Period = today – 90 days, Prior Rolling Per = 91 to 180 days ago.

Sales of Top Products to Top Customers

Why some top customers aren’t buying as many of your top products? Select parameters on the right.

Customer Loyalty: This CYr Sales

Set Min Yearly Sales Amt to define a loyal customer.

Daily Flash


Summer Sales

Select Season and Measure on the right panel. Contact your DataSelf support to add/adjust your seasons.

Customer Sales Ranking

Why some of the top ranking Customers are dropping over time? Default ranking = Grand Total. Click a Year’s Measure’s descending sort icon to drive the ranking by that year. Change settings on the right panel. Use the Period filter for YTD and other period comparisons.

Sales Projection

Consult your DataSelf support to discuss and customize the projection model. Projection customizations might involve expert assistance and a Creator license.

Tableau Dashboards for Inventory Management

Open Sales Order

Open Sales Details

Missed Shipments

Inventory On Hand

On Hand Today by Product

Inventory Planning, Projection and Forecast

PO Purchase Order

Open Qty on PO

Open PO Details

Tableau Dashboards for Cash Flow Management

AR Aging

AR Aging

AR Aging Details 

Accrued AR

AP Aging

AP Aging Dashboard

AP Details

Cash Flow Projection

Cash Flow Projection 

Tableau Dashboards for Financials

Financial Dashboards


Tableau Natural Language Query (NLQ)  

Like searching on the internet, type in keywords about your data in DataSelf and an instant and accurate report is created. This is available for each data set in DataSelf and might require additional configuration to meet your company’s needs.

Examples of searches and the report created.

Searching for “Contract Remain Amt by Project” yields: 

Searching “Sales by Salesperson by Month in 2019 as a text table” yields: 

Searching for “Gross Profit by State by Year as a Map” yields: 

Tableau for Google Analytics and E-Commerce

These templates have a wide range of configuration possibilities to adapt to unique business needs. Actual templates might vary. Some might
require additional configuration not included in the SOW.

Add-On: these templates are optional and available as an add-on (additional subscription fee). Please consult us for details.

Actual dashboards might be slightly different.
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