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tableau2People ask us how Dataself gains from embedding the Tableau engine, and what Tableau gains from DataSelf. Can’t we run DataSelf Analytics alone? Can’t we run Tableau alone? One glance tells you that, yes, of course you could — but the more you know, the more you see the enormous benefit of putting them together.

Why Tableau?

Tableau’s most obvious features include its easy, intuitive user interface. Open it and go, anytime and anywhere. Use it on your desktop, on the Web, or on your mobile device. Tableau showed the world what self-service BI and data discover should be, and it keeps leading the way.

That leadership has been acknowledged year after year by the industry’s touchstone, the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Gartner has rated Tableau the most powerful, most intuitive analysis tool on the market for the last four years in a row.

But you don’t see the best benefit until you use it: Users stay in the flow from question to answer to more questions and more answers, all the way to insight. They don’t stop to fiddle with data, they just stay with the analysis.

Other products like to claim the same benefits, but none are as complete or as polished. And none have earned Gartner’s accolades.

Why DataSelf Analytics?

Creating your first Tableau reports can be easy. The trouble is, building your Tableau solution from all your data sources can be complex and time consuming. DataSelf Analytics makes that process easy and fast:

  • DataSelf Analytics has been helping SMBs for more than 16 years. We know many of their critical metrics and dimensions — and we’ve grown a library of 5000-plus templates for reports, KPIs, and dashboards. They cover areas such as financials, inventory, job costing, manufacturing, payroll, payables, purchasing, receivables, sales and CRM. You use and modify them free and at will, right out-of-the-box.
  • DataSelf Analytics maps your data from your data sources to Tableau. Once properly connected, Tableau keeps up with the business user’s many, varied questions.
  • DataSelf Analytics avoids the expense and inconvenience of on-site consultants to connect or maintain data connections. It also easily adapts to your source databases’ updates (such as ERP and CRM), which eliminates the need for extensive re-map labor.
  • DataSelf Analytics stores current, trusted data in a fully functioning data warehouse to sustain a single version of the truth, to prepare data for analysis, and to ensure that all of your data and other operations continue at speed.

DataSelf comes to you mature and polished — the result of more than 16 years of hands-on work with a wide variety of SMBs. The DataSelf team knows what works and what doesn’t work for SMBs.

You could, of course, do it yourself. You could reproduce DataSelf’s years of experience and still have sufficient ROI. But should you be reinventing this wheel?

Give DataSelf a call to discuss your needs. See if DataSelf Analytics makes sense for you.

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