Teknikor Implements DataSelf Analytics with ERP for 23% EBITDA Gain

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For the last twelve years, Peter Paindiris, President of Teknikor Contracting, Inc. had been searching for the optimum ERP and BI solution that would not only consolidate data across the industrial solutions provider’s three divisions, but would provide meaningful analytics to help them make better informed and confident business decisions.

Following a path of trying various other solutions, Paindiris states,

“After running the powerful combination of DataSelf Analytics with ERP for a short season, I’m extremely impressed with the results including a 23% growth in EBITDA year over year. Our DataSelf reports and dashboards give us more visibility into our data than we’ve ever had, which has led to better and more timely decisions to grow our business. ”

Growing Pains For High Growth, Multi-Division Company

Fall River, MA-based Teknikor is a privately held industrial solutions provider to the manufacturing industry that has grown rapidly since its inception in 1966. The company now has three divisions:

  • Contracting – focuses on machinery, equipment, and process infrastructure
  • Automation and Controls – works with industrial customers to design, build, program, and install systems tailored to their clients’ needs
  • Industrial – consults on process flow including design and installation

Paindiris began evaluating ERP and BI systems because the one they had been using, over time, wasn’t the right fit for Teknikor’s needs. Around this time, Paindiris met Joni Girardi, CEO of DataSelf, at a trade show.

“Joni gave me a demo of DataSelf and I was very impressed,” said Paindiris. “Over time, we found out that the other ERP/ BI solution we were implementing was somewhat cumbersome to get the analytics we needed, and I kept comparing it to the DataSelf demo,” said Paindiris.

Finding the Perfect Solution: DataSelf Analytics with ERP

A year into the implementation, it became clear that Teknikor needed a new ERP solution. The key requirements were moving 13 years of historical data into the new system as seamlessly as possible, while also being able to pull the data into an integrated BI solution and create custom reports and dashboards. With DataSelf now partnering with many ERPs, they were the logical choice for Teknikor’s new solution.

To help move years of data into the new ERP, DataSelf created a static data table to pull data from the old system and map it into the new software as well as its BI solution.

“DataSelf gave us the ability to take historical data from an old system, combine it with data from a new system, and easily format it to give us the analysis tools we need specifically to grow our business,” says Paindiris.

“With any legacy system integration, fine tuning is required to make the old and new data sing in harmony,” comments Zack Van Valkenburg, BI Ninja for DataSelf. “What I appreciate most about our relationship with Teknikor, is our combined commitment to getting the best result.”

Profitable Gains With Endless Reporting Options

Since then, the sky is the limit for Teknikor.

“DataSelf is very user friendly and flexible,” says Paindiris. “We customize reports and dashboards for each division, as well as across the company, and schedule them and assign who will be receiving them. Everyone in our company, including field employees, has access to the information they need to stay in the loop on projects, budgets, etc.”

The information Paindiris pulls from DataSelf Analytics can solve pretty much any question or business problem that Teknikor has.

“I used to wonder about things like productivity per employee, for example, and what insights I could gather if I had this kind of information,” he says. “With DataSelf, I can now customize reports based on employee positions, projects, performance and a number of variables and easily calculate my gross profit margin per person.” Having information like this has helped Teknikor grow and become more profitable, which is reflected in its 23% increase since DataSelf was implemented.

In addition to the DataSelf product’s robust reporting and analytics, Paindiris is equally impressed with DataSelf founder Girardi.

“Joni goes above and beyond to understand my business, and I feel like I can pick up the phone at any time and discuss ideas with him. His character is the foundation of his company, and his integrity has built a company with a solid and trustworthy reputation in the BI industry.”


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