The SMB Analytics Wire – March 2024

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The SMB Analytics Wire – March 2024

Business Reporting: What do companies really want?

We recently surveyed both technical and non-technical staff regarding what they wanted to improve the most in their ERP system’s reporting module. The results of the survey were surprising – not for the answers that people gave . . . but for the answers they didn’t give.

The majority of respondents didn’t mention some of the key terms those of us in the technology industry eat, sleep and breathe…Terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI); smart metrics, and Business Intelligence (BI). While the key buzzwords were much less common, what we heard more often was that people simply want ‘better and easier reporting.’

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly constitutes better and easier reporting; and how AI, smart metrics, and BI are the means by which this is achieved.

The Lurking Legacy Data Monster…and what to do about it!

Data Warehouse = Seamless Historical AnalysisAnalysts calculate that a staggering 65% of all businesses either have adopted a new ERP system within the last 3 years or are considering adopting a new ERP system in the near future. That’s a huge number.

Anyone who has gazed into the shadows of a new ERP System implementation, has sensed something lurking there. Something that threatens business as they know it…the “Legacy Data Monster.”

Learn more about the threats the monster presents, and how you can overcome it…

DataSelf Analytics Announces Top Partner Awards for 2023

DataSelf Corp., developer of BI-based Reporting™ and the mid-market leader in business analytics and data warehousing software, today announced their reseller awards for top-performing partners in 2023. See who won here!

2024 Events, Demos, and Webinars!

Q1 2024 Events2024 has gotten off to a great start for DataSelf and DataSelf clients! From jam-packed conferences, and sessions to demos and webinars, we have been some very busy Data Geeks! One of the highlights of the last couple of months was in joining a select group of ISVs in co-hosting the Avalara Sphere Party at The Sphere in Las Vegas during both Acumatica Summit and Sage Transform. The ‘Postcard from Earth was a mind-blowing experience! See details about events, demos, and webinars here!

BI-based Reporting – Eye Opening Statistics

At DataSelf, we LOVE data as much as you do – and we thought you might be interested to learn about some key trends in BI-based reporting. The following statistics are drawn directly from DataSelf clients and VARs… See them here!

DataSelf is Looking for more Data Geeks! (…We are hiring!)

We are excited to announce that DataSelf is hiring! We are looking for Data Geeks to join our team in the following positions…

What DataSelf Customers are Saying…

We always love hearing what our customers have to say regarding how the DataSelf solution improves Business intelligence, reporting, efficiencies and analytics.

In January at Acumatica Summit we spoke with Christopher Goebel, from Twang Partners LLC and he said:

“With DataSelf Corp., there is no going back to using GIs. This was the solution to our reporting deficiency.”

…it made our day!

If you use DataSelf BI-based Reporting and / or ETL+ Data Warehousing, how has it helped you the most? Let us know here!

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