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The top three distinguishing capabilities of DataSelf Analytics (& corresponding benefits); the top 10 reasons clients have chosen DataSelf

DataSelf Analytics transforms a company’s data (via ETL+™) to enable the extraction of more meaningful data; it leverages the industry’s best Business Intelligence technologies (Tableau, Power BI); and it provides immediate ROI via its extensive collection of out-of-the-box reports & dashboards.

By using DataSelf Analytics, clients improve their business’ ability to:

  1. Spot Critical Activities & Trends
  2. Predict Future Performance
  3. Respond to Potential Problems & Opportunities
  • Drill-down, slice-and-dice, and “zoom areas” provide better insight
  • Reports and dashboards use past performance to predict future potential – plus the ability to view “what-if?” results
  • No technical expertise required
  • Plain English commands (“sales last month versus current month”)
  • Includes selection criteria, sort order, and field selections
  • Non-techies can both view reports and change their contents – from changing selection criteria, sorting, and drilling-down to details
  • Optional “zoom areas” let users select groups of records to drill into
  • Addresses every module in ERP
  • Default reports may be copied, modified & published in < 5 minutes.
  • # of default reports varies, based on DataSelf Analytics license type
  • DataSelf’s “Advanced Analytics” starts at $399/month
  • Custom report creation does not require consulting services
  • Deployment, connectivity and security happen automatically.
  • Time for a typical deployment is less than 60 minutes.
  • DataSelf transforms expansive and cumbersome data sets to expedite the retrieval and analysis of the information inside.
  • Cloud-ready using best of breed AWS or Azure
  • On-prem & hybrid environments also supported.
  • DataSelf uses industry leaders Tableau & MS Power BI – so clients don’t have to learn a proprietary technology and they have the assurance that these solutions will be around for the long-term.
  • Exceptional ease of use via refined UI.
  • “Best of all worlds” technology venture – DataSelf for the leading ETL technology combined with Tableau, Power BI, & MS SQL Server.
  • DataSelf integrates with all of a client’s apps – no more “silos of data” that are outside of a client’s analysis
  • DataSelf can combine data from multiple (non-integrated) apps and analyze it jointly to provide even more business insight.