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The DataSelf SMB survey findings are summarized in the dashboard above. The findings come from the DataSelf client base (license investment, number of users, and DataSelf labor). Client’s labor and IT infrastructure come from client responses to our inquires.

Total Investment by Client

The industry average ratio of (analytics software)/(total investment) is about 10%. (For further information, read the Tableau TCO report. Click here: www.tableau.com/sites/default/files/pages/tco_report_1.pdf

A higher ratio means a more effective software platform, thus less labor to support decision making.

The bulk of BI investment is in labor, according to the Tableau TCO report, other industry studies, and our own surveys. The following shows the ratio over three years of analytics software to total investment, based on the Tableau TCO report and the DataSelf SMB survey:

  • Tableau: 9.6%
  • Power BI: 2.8%
  • DataSelf average: 30.7%

The higher the ratio, the more effective the software platform. More effective software platforms result in lower cost of labor in support of decision making. For instance, for every $1 invested in Tableau licenses, the average BI project would require $9 in labor in 3 years (based on the TCO report). According to the DataSelf survey, the equivalent additional investment with DataSelf is $3 (including DataSelf licenses plus labor).

For organizations using DataSelf-supported ERP and CRM systems, the ratio with DataSelf is much higher than alternative approaches because:

  • DataSelf ETL eliminates the need for SQL server programmers to build and maintain staging databases or data warehouses.
  • Extensive and mature data warehouse templates for supported ERP and CRM systems.
  • Over 15 Tableau data source templates for supported ERP and CRM systems.
  • Over 5,000 Tableau template reports and dashboards for for supported ERP and CRM systems.
  • DataSelf’s knowledge of SMB’s reporting, source systems, data warehousing, Tableau, and how to put all of this together. We are a one-stop-shop for all analytics needs for SMBs.

Top Clients by User Count

A good chunk of DataSelf clients only have 20 or fewer interactive licenses. However, our largest clients have hundreds of users benefiting from BI. We recommend starting with a small number of interactive licenses and then distribute “static” reports to other users. Such distribution is done automatically with the DataSelf report-distribution module. Then, as users demand more empowerment, the interactive licenses can grow.

Top & Bottom Clients by Software Investment

This chart shows that we cover a wide range of software investments—from $18K to $343K over three years. The very low end is typically for clients that already have Tableau and a SQL data warehouse and only want our templates.

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