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Advanced Analytics by DataSelf offers natural language query, artificial intelligence, and dashboards for Sage 100.

Santa Clara, CA –  February 26, 2020 – DataSelf, the mid-market leader in business analytics and data warehousing software, today announced its newest version, Advanced Analytics for Sage 100 by DataSelf.

Advanced Analytics for Sage 100 is an entry-level version of DataSelf’s enterprise business intelligence and data warehousing solution.

“Decision makers crave empowering analytics tools such as Tableau and Power BI,” said Joni Girardi, CEO of DataSelf, “but organizations struggle connecting them to their data silos. Advanced Analytics for Sage 100 by DataSelf solves that problem by providing a cloud transparent data warehouse with a clean, fast and reliable data pipeline from Sage 100. On top of that, natural language query, templates and dashboards for Sage 100 provide over one million ways to slice and dice that data. The solution deploys in hours and starts at $299 per month.”

Advanced Analytics for Sage 100 was introduced at SWK’s Empower Conference in California. As part of the product launch, DataSelf will hold free webinars and training sessions in the coming weeks (registration at The solution works with both the Providex and MS SQL Server versions of Sage 100.

“We are thrilled to offer natural language technology for Sage 100 clients,” comments Joni. “Sage 100 users can now build custom reports by using plain English, similar to doing an internet search. For instance, just type in “what are my open receivables today?” or “who are my top 10 customers by sales in Q3 2019?” and get instant and accurate answers in DataSelf. Data-hungry people no longer will have to wait for consultants to build their reports. Well, actually, only data-hungry people who know English can use natural language for the time being. ” 

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DataSelf Corp. is based in Santa Clara, CA and provides turnkey analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing solutions to mid-sized organizations. From basic to complex reporting and dashboards via Tableau, Power BI and Excel, DataSelf’s solution is scalable and integrates with Acumatica and other systems to empower key stakeholders through the visualization of critical data across their business.

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