Aug 28, 2009 – DataSelf BI sets pace at Sage Summit 2009

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Summary: DataSelf will go on exhibit at this year’s Sage Summit — where attendees will see how DataSelf BI helps lead through a slump and into growth.     

San Jose, August 28, 2009 — If there was ever a time for business intelligence in the mid-market, this is it. One of the mid-market’s simplest yet powerful business intelligence solutions will go on exhibit at this year’s Sage Summit — where attendees will see how DataSelf BI helps lead through a slump and into growth.

“We get how hard it is to operate in a crisis,” said Joni Girardi, CEO of DataSelf. “First, decision makers have to get a fix on what’s happening, then navigate out of it—with an eye on the future. DataSelf BI is a critical tool in all phases: emergency, recovery and growth.”

DataSelf BI plugs in and within hours or days shows conditions, trends, threats and opportunities. Unlike its competitors, its solid technical footing keeps it ready for growth long after the crisis has passed.

Since last year’s Sage Summit, DataSelf BI has introduced many impressive new features for all phases of growth:

  • More than doubled the number of predefined reports and KPIs to more than 2000 ready-to-go templates. Like a well-stocked hardware store, there’s sure to be plenty that fit any operation precisely.
  • DataSelf now makes the investment in its BI solution a financial no-brainer: It offers a 60-day money back guarantee and low investment BI for rent.
  • The web-based high-end BI features of Microsoft PerformancePoint Services  have became considerably more affordable thanks to its integration into SharePoint.

DataSelf invites Insights attendees to stop by its booth—number 709—and to attend its breakout session—“Take the Donut Challenge: Can Users Write a Report Faster They Can Eat a Donut?”—on Wednesday, November 11 at 9:45a.m. For details, go to

DataSelf will also feature its latest business intelligence solutions for Sage products such as Accpac, SageCRM, SalesLogix, MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, Sage Pro and Sage PFW.

DataSelf BI provides an easy yet powerful means to report or “slice and dice” business data. Its main benefits are:

  • An intuitive and user-friendly reporting solution. On average, managers can tackle 70% or more of their reporting needs without IT support. They can write reports from scratch faster than they can eat a donut.
  • A virtual “consultant in a box,” with a rich package of over 2,000 reports and KPIs, a comprehensive data warehouse and several OLAP cubes.
  • Quick deployment at a fraction of the cost of solutions from competing solutions.
  • High-end and user-friendly BI functions including  KPIs, dashboards, forecasting, budgeting, operational reporting, financial reporting, commissions, analytics, data mining, data warehousing, OLAP cubes, SQL mirroring, balanced scorecards and business activity monitoring.

About DataSelf  Corporation:

DataSelf provides user-friendly and high-end business intelligence (BI) solutions for mid-size organizations. Its headquarters are in the Silicon Valley.

DataSelf’s solutions have grown out of more than 10 years of experience providing best-practice, high-end reporting, data analysis and analytic solutions to mid-size organizations.

DataSelf simplifies and amplifies Microsoft’s BI solutions. DataSelf simplifies them by providing a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution to the most popular mid-market business applications, and by adding its own technology that eliminates most of the programming involved in typical Microsoft BI solutions. DataSelf amplifies MS BI by empowering each client with only the BI tools that they can benefit from the most, and by helping clients maximize their investment in BI as they become more sophisticated BI users.

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