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Acumatica experiences appreciable ROI with DataSelf that frees up time to focus on analytics and other critical tasks.

Santa Clara, CA –  August 6, 2019 – DataSelf, the mid-market leader in business analytics and data warehousing software, today announced its successful implementation of DataSelf Analytics for Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing, cloud-based ERP solution.

Initially developing its own proprietary Power BI solution, Acumatica realized that it needed a more robust solution that automated analytics reporting and provided real-time business insights without the need for manual reporting. “It was very clear DataSelf was the way to go, using their capabilities and prepackaged dashboards,” said Nigel LeGresley, CFO of Acumatica. “DataSelf has the ability to quickly translate questions into solutions because of the data sets they’ve already established. It dramatically improves the time to insight.”

Because DataSelf’s data warehouse solution refreshes data automatically, users can have new data every 15 minutes—as opposed to Acumatica’s former solution that could take up to a month for the latest information. As a result, DataSelf was added to Acumatica’s solution set as an integral part of its most-used business tools.

“DataSelf’s cloud data warehouse provides the fast and reliable reporting foundation for Acumatica.” said Joni Girardi of DataSelf. “We have a wide variety of templates that Acumatica needs and could be pulled together quickly and efficiently. Finally, our expertise in reporting and dashboards solved Acumatica’s needs and delivered on time and on budget.”

Acumatica has already experienced remarkable ROI with DataSelf: their board report preparation can now be completed in half the time. “To optimally service our customers, we needed greater insights into our business,” said Nigel LeGresley. “With this enhanced knowledge, we can bring them greater value, and DataSelf and Tableau help us achieve that insight.”

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DataSelf Corp. is based in Santa Clara, CA and provides turnkey analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing solutions to mid-sized organizations. From basic to complex reporting and dashboarding, DataSelf’s solution is scalable and integrates with Acumatica and other systems to empower key stakeholders through the visualization of critical data across their business. For more information, visit


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Acumatica provides cloud-based business management software that enables small and mid-size companies to accelerate their businesses. It’s built on the cloud, on mobile technology, and offers a unique customer-centric licensing model. Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications, such as financials, distribution, CRM, and project accounting, on a powerful and flexible platform. For more information, visit

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