Dec 10, 2006 – DataSelf Corporation Releases a Comprehensive Inventory Projections Module

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San Jose, CA, December 10, 2006 – DataSelf Corporation, a software publisher company of Business Intelligences solutions for the mid-market, announced today the release of a comprehensive inventory projections module.

This inventory projections module will allow users to analyze inventory on hand based on on-hand amounts, plus incoming inventory from purchasing or work orders, minus outgoing inventory thru open sales orders, plus forecast amounts that can be entered via Excel or other databases. This new module provides great value to organizations concerned in managing their inventory more efficiently. The module includes 3 dedicated OLAP cubes handling on-hand amounts, historical inventory movements as well as projections.

DataSelf BI provides an easy yet powerful means to report or ‘slice and dice’ data from business transaction systems. DataSelf BI provides four main benefits for the decision making process of mid-size organizations. First, it provides an intuitive and user-friendly reporting solution. On average, our clients’ managers can tackle 70% of their reporting needs without IT support. Second, our solution provides an automated and high-performance way of reporting and analyzing business data. Most DataSelf BI reports run in a matter of seconds regardless of the size of the source database(s). Third, our solutions come with over 500 reports and KPIs, a comprehensive data warehouse and over 10 OLAP cubes pre-packaged. These solutions are the result of over ten years of experience delivering best-practice, high-end reporting, and data analysis solutions for mid-size companies. Fourth, our solutions are deployed quickly and cost a fraction of comparable Global-3000 BI vendors.

About DataSelf Corporation:

DataSelf is a closely held Delaware corporation with main offices in the heart of the Silicon Valley. DataSelf is a software publisher of business intelligence solutions and a provider of specialized Business Intelligence services. Our primary software product is the family of DataSelf BI solutions for mid-market business software systems. Our vision is of high-end, user-friendly business intelligence solutions tailored to the mid-market. These solutions must provide great value to the decision making process of our forward-thinking clients. They also must be deployed quickly, easily address each client’s specific requirements, and have a total cost of ownership at a fraction of comparable solutions from Global-3000 BI vendors. For more information about DataSelf, please visit


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