Dec 16, 2010 – Manufacturer Reports Fast 10 Percent Sales Boost with DataSelf BI

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Summary: DataSelf BI has helped Scorpion Sports save around $250,000 in discounts on over-stocked inventory.     

San Jose, December 16, 2010 — Mid-size companies are often surprised to find the many rich opportunities that business intelligence reveals. The latest company is Scorpion Sports, a leading designer and manufacturer of motorcycle helmets and protective gear, which announced a 10 percent boost in sales revenue soon after deploying DataSelf BI.

“Managers are often caught up with day-to-day emergencies and don’t have time or tools to analyze operations easily,” said Joni Girardi, CEO of DataSelf. “Scorpion’s story is an example of smart people who lacked the right BI tools — but who now make better decisions and have more time for core initiatives. Their bottom line has greatly improved.”

Mid-size companies like Scorpion have to connect lots of dots, 24 hours a day. One error can mean huge losses from overstocks and shortages.

DataSelf BI — recommended to Scorpion by Sage business partner Blytheco, LLC — now lets Scorpion track a wide variety of activity, including overstocks and shortages, long lead-time ordering with Asian suppliers, inventory, and sales analysis. Users can see data on sales, inventory and procurement combined into one report. Also, custom user-defined fields let them track color, size, and style — opening a door they had only dreamed of. Click here for the full story

With one of DataSelf BI’s 2000-plus predefined reports and KPIs, salespeople spotted once-active customers and reversed their decline.

Reporting is intuitive and fast. DataSelf finds that the average user can create reports “faster than it takes to eat a donut.” For Scorpion, it’s faster than a cookie.

DataSelf solutions are the result of over 10 years of delivering best-practice, high-end reporting, and data analysis solutions for mid-size companies. The tools are deployed quickly and cost a fraction of tools from comparable Global-3000 BI vendors.

DataSelf BI features include KPIs, dashboards, forecasting, budgeting, operational reporting, financial reporting, commissions, analytics, data mining, data warehousing, OLAP cubes, balanced scorecards, BAM, SharePoint and PerformancePoint integration.

About DataSelf  Corporation:

DataSelf provides user-friendly and high-end business intelligence (BI) solutions for mid-size organizations. Its headquarters are in the Silicon Valley.

DataSelf’s solutions have grown out of more than 10 years of experience providing best-practice, high-end reporting, data analysis and analytic solutions to mid-size organizations.

DataSelf simplifies and amplifies Microsoft’s BI solutions. DataSelf simplifies them by providing a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution to the most popular mid-market business applications, and by adding its own technology that eliminates most of the programming involved in typical Microsoft BI solutions. DataSelf amplifies MS BI by empowering each client with only the BI tools that they can benefit from the most, and by helping clients maximize their investment in BI as they become more sophisticated BI users.

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