Analytics for FinanceYou’ve got departments hungry for insightful data. We’ve got easy-to-use solutions to feed every one of them. Wherever your company has a need, we’ve got a solution. Solutions that are easy to use and flexible enough to fit any organization. And to get started, the complete DataSelf BI solution comes with 5,000-plus must-have reports and KPIs predefined – how’s that as a starting point?

Receivables Analysis
Receivables analysis can provide you with critical insights into cash flow management, customer loyalty and how to prioritize sales when times are tough.

Payables Analysis
Payables analysis is usually the ugly duckling of reporting. Who needs it? You do. Smart purchasing requires smart payables.

GL Analysis
Looking for comprehensive analysis of your GL accounts and segments? Our module excels at slicing, dicing and graphing GL data.
Budgeting expenses and sales is usually a time consuming and error-prone process. DataSelf BI helps by automating several of the repetitive tasks. It provides easy historical and current analysis, and breaks down forecasts by periods and account segments at the click of a mouse. Flexible security limits managers to see and update only their own budget.

Financials (Balance Sheet and P&L)
Many financial reporting features built into accounting packages don’t tell you what you need to know. DataSelf BI Financials adds flexibility.

Consolidation and Data Integration
Do you need to integrate data from several data sources for analysis? DataSelf BI can do it for you. You may have a multi-company environment or other business applications. DataSelf BI will provide you with a user-friendly and single place for all your reporting needs.

Mid-size applications usually provide only limited support for multi-currency frameworks. DataSelf BI can significantly improve the reporting of your multi-currency environment.

The Uniqueness of Your Needs
This is all a great start! However, all modules can be adapted to your specific needs. On average, 70% to 100% of non-technical users can adapt report templates and KPIs without technical help.