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Results include double-digit annual growth over the last two years.

Accurate and actionable data is one of the fundamentals to successfully tracking sales trends and salespeople performance. For David Wieder, Sales Director at NPC Global Corp, the company’s sales organization used to struggle with this because their sales information was in three different silos. This made it difficult for Wieder to analyze selling trends and set goals and KPI’s for his sales team because NPC’s, ERP and Excel quotas weren’t sharing data with each other.

But since NPC implemented DataSelf a few years ago, Wieder can pull sales and quotas information from the CRM, ERP and Excel, import it into DataSelf, and easily slice and dice the data in any way he needs to make informed sales management decisions.

“DataSelf has changed the whole essence of our company,” he says. “This is the first time we started seeing our true growth – what we were winning, losing, and how my team’s sales efforts were working.”

With this powerful combination of CRM, ERP, Excel and BI, NPC has experienced record double-digit growth per year over the last two years!

Packaging Powerhouse Has Data Challenges

Carteret, NJ-based NPC Global Corp, is a direct manufacturer and wholesaler of packaging and containers, and also provides logistics and supply chain management services. With its “smart” packaging, global sourcing, professional customer support, shipping out of sixteen distribution centers and a variety of other customer-centric programs, NPC Global describes itself as a full-service “packaging powerhouse.”

But sometimes being a powerhouse has its challenges. NPC’s sales team sells a wide variety of packaging products – from standard sizes to custom – so its ERP houses a large amount of pricing data that was so cumbersome to access that salespeople would have to drill down into individual invoices to find what they needed for quoting. Prior to implementing DataSelf, NPC’s sales data was housed in three places:

  • Salesforce – Holds the company’s RFQ data, as well as all selling activities including sales calls, meetings, results, and more.
  • ERP – Includes actual transactional sales data, pricing, purchasing, and other sales-related financial information
  • Excel – Details sales forecasts for new and current customers

Being able to pull this data from three places into DataSelf under one umbrella has opened up “a whole new world of reporting” for Wieder.

“The old reports that ran in our ERP were difficult to extract what you needed and took a lot of time and effort to produce. But with DataSelf, I can click, drag, and drop and get exactly what I need in seconds.”

This gives Wieder 360-degree visibility into managing his salespeople from a forecasting and performance standpoint.

Tracking Sales Performance and KPI’s

Being able to merge Salesforce and ERP information into DataSelf for comprehensive analysis has helped Wieder create realistic and meaningful KPI’s for his sales team. DataSelf is now being used to track an individual salesperson’s progress on KPI’s and how their performance stacks up with the rest of the team.

“Everyone on my team should be able to keep current on their individual performance,” says Wieder. “Who’s on top, who’s placed the most calls, who did the most work last week. It pushed reps to do more” and lets them see their progress and how it ties into their overall forecast goals. “Our forecasts in DataSelf wouldn’t be possible anywhere else,” Wieder adds.

The Result: 360° Visibility into Sales Data

In addition to achieving double-digit growth per year over the last two years, DataSelf has given Wieder a renewed sense of confidence in reporting his numbers.

“Without DataSelf, I wouldn’t be able to tell you confidently that we grew by double digits per year over the past two years,” he says. “This isn’t some number that someone came up with, but it’s based on actual data where we understand where it’s coming from and where we are as a company.”

Wieder adds that “before DataSelf, we had no way of understanding why our bottom line WAS our bottom line. With new customers or previous customers, we had no idea if there was real growth. Today, we can measure this monthly and create metrics around our repeat customers and new business. If you don’t have DataSelf, you’re limiting yourself to tunnel vision.”

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