Analytics for purchasing departmentYou’ve got departments hungry for insightful data. We’ve got easy-to-use solutions to feed every one of them. Wherever your company has a need, we’ve got a solution. Solutions that are easy to use and flexible enough to fit any organization. And to get started, the complete DataSelf BI solution comes with 5,000-plus must-have reports and KPIs predefined – how’s that as a starting point?

Purchasing Analysis
To buy smart, you have to know your purchasing trends. But too often, sales-driven companies don’t track them. This module makes it easy.

Analytics for Purchasing dashboard

Inventory Analysis
Too many companies have lopsided inventory: too much of some items and too little of others. Or they make too many inventory transfers and spend too much dealing with them. Analyzing historical trends in detail can be a critical step toward big savings.

Inventory Projection
With inventory projection, you learn from your history and use the lessons to fine tune inventory for the future. Inventory projection can provide numbers based on several parameters, such as product, location, and any time granularity down to the day level.

Inventory Replenishment Planning
Inventory replenishment builds on inventory projection. It will not only forecast your inventory needs but also indicate from whom you should buy and when. Inventory replenishment can provide numbers based on several parameters, such as product, location, and any time granularity down to the day level.

Purchasing Sales dashboardSales Analysis
Tough times? Focus on smarter sales! See at a glance who’s buying what, where you’re making the most profit, which products or customers are declining or growing the most, which customers are no longer buying, and lots of other insights. The solution is so easy to use that sales people can slice and dice sales data on the fly. Our 500-plus report and KPI templates for sales analysis make it a cinch to form a tight fit, no matter how unusual your operations. It’s a managers’ dream.

Consolidation and Data Integration
Do you need to integrate data from several data sources for analysis? DataSelf BI can do it for you. You may have a multi-company environment or other business applications. DataSelf BI will provide you with a user-friendly and single place for all your reporting needs.

Feeling lonely? No wonder. Mid-size applications usually provide only limited support for multi-currency frameworks. DataSelf BI can significantly improve the reporting of your multi-currency environment.

The Uniqueness of Your Needs
This is all a great start! However, all modules can be adapted to your specific needs. On average, 70% to 100% of non-technical users can adapt report templates and KPIs without technical help—faster than it takes to eat a donut.

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