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SIR: Excellent for Generic Reporting

For generic reporting, Sage offers SIR. It’s easy to use, it’s affordable, and it comes mapped to several Sage ERP systems. It’s an excellent tool for profit-and-loss and balance-sheet reporting in Excel. It also covers generic operational reporting such as from sales and payables.

However, many Sage ERP users are looking for additional features such as:
• Analytics from financial information such as dashboards. Building dashboards with SIR usually requires experts and it’s a time consuming job.
• An easier yet deeper level of analytics integration into operational reporting such as for the analysis of receivables, payables, sales, purchasing, inventory information and project costing.
• Information easily accessible by web and mobile devices.
• Certain types of more elaborate financial reporting such as from multi-company, multi-currency and complex GL chart of accounts.
• If the client has tons of data, SIR might run into performance issues.
• A significant amount of new SIR reports will require expert intervention.

DataSelf Analytics: More power to drive a growing organization

Customers turn to DataSelf Analytics as a complement or replacement for Sage Intelligence Reporting for the following features:
1. Ease of use. Most new reports and dashboards can be tackle by end users – no expert help required.
2. Over 5,000 report, dashboards and KPIs out of the box. These templates come pre-mapped to several Sage ERP and CRM systems and cover popular financial and operational reporting needs.
3. Financial and operational reports on Tableau, the gold standard for analytics. Gartner Research has for the last three years rated Tableau the best interface for self-service BI and data discovery.
4. Data discovery — for times when you know your data could speak if you only knew what to ask it. Interrogate your data!
5. Universal access, on the desktop, on the Web, or on your mobile device.
6. Fast performance. Run reports in seconds no matter how big your data may be.
7. Zero drag on operational sources. Plus, one version of the truth. Two amazing benefits from what no other SMB provider offers: a data warehouse that’s easy to deploy and easy to maintain.
8. Outstanding support from a team with 15 years of experience delivering enterprise-grade BI for mid-sized businesses.

For generic financial and operational reporting of Sage ERP data, Sage Intelligence Reporting does the job well. For more power to drive a growing SMB organization, you need DataSelf Analytics.

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