What Does the Salesforce Acquisition of Tableau Mean for Salesforce Analytics?

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This week, Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM company, announced it is buying Tableau, a data analytics company with about 86,000 customers. The combination of CRM and powerful self-service analytics is a natural fit. As Keith Block, co-CEO, Salesforce says, “Data is the foundation of every digital transformation, and the addition of Tableau will accelerate our ability to deliver customer success by enabling a truly unified and powerful view across all of a customer’s data.” We see this acquisition as great news for DataSelf and our customers as we already provide Salesforce analytics using Tableau, offering significant value to our users.

DataSelf Already Offers Salesforce BI Incorporating Tableau

DataSelf adds extensive BI, analytics, and reporting for CRM systems, including Salesforce. Our robust business intelligence goes beyond what is available in the CRM. DataSelf Analytics provides 1,500+ report and dashboard templates for analyzing opportunities, contact management, and tech support trends, and another 4,000 KPIs for other areas of the business including finance, inventory, payables, and receivables.

Tableau has been the leading DataSelf Analytics user interface since 2012. We use Tableau analytics with our data warehouse to deliver pre-built templates, thus saving users valuable time and letting them focus on inspirational KPIs from day one!

DataSelf’s Cloud Data Warehouse is a Natural Fit for Salesforce

DataSelf’s Data Warehouse is available in the cloud, making data accessible to users anytime and anywhere. A 360-degree view of the business is available on desktops and mobile devices. This is the perfect extension to Salesforce’s cloud-based CRM. The Cloud Data Warehouse by DataSelf dramatically reduces IT and computer resources required by customers while providing a robust, scalable, and fast data warehouse platform. Our customers can focus on their business with dashboards and reports while leaving IT to others.

What’s in the Future for Salesforce, Tableau, and DataSelf Users?

The acquisition announcement indicates that Tableau will continue to operate independently and will focus on its current mission and customers. Tableau will provide greater analytics capabilities for Salesforce users, but DataSelf Analytics will continue to extend the product with our data warehouse and advanced analytics to all additional ERP, CRM, and other data sources.

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