‘CIO Review’ Ranks DataSelf in 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers 2015

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‘CIO Review’ Ranks DataSelf in 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers 2015
DataSelf: Simple and Intuitive Enterprise-Grade BI

Ask any executive at a mid-sized business about analytics: Are their data-driven decisions any less critical than any in the Fortune 2000? Obviously, a smaller size never indicates smaller decisions. Yet why are most mid-market data analysis tools underpowered, unsophisticated and harder to use than those designed and priced for large companies?


“Mid-sized businesses may be smaller, but their data analysis is no less critical,” says DataSelf founder and CEO Joni Girardi. “Trying to get by with under-powered and hard to use tools frustrates business and IT people alike, and you’re never able to get full value from your data.”

The DataSelf team set out to solve this problem 10 years ago. They couldn’t find business intelligence tools that were good enough, so they tried a new strategy: borrow the best from the upper market and make them simple and more affordable for mid-size companies. “It’s unbeatable,” says Girardi.

For the business user, there’s tremendous value right off the bat — starting with the 5000-plus library of templates: reports, dashboards and KPIs. They run on the built-in Tableau interface, and they’re ready to use immediately or to modify faster than it takes to go down the hall for coffee. That impressive collection is the result of years of crowdsourcing — from past DataSelf customers. There’s sure to be a template that’s close to a newcomer’s needs, if not perfect. “This alone,” says Girardi, “liberates the whole organization in one shot. Business users stay in the flow, and IT workers get to do truly high value work. Everyone’s happy.”

The DataSelf Analytics chassis is the DataSelf BI Server, which contains a data warehouse, multi-dimensional OLAP cubes, and ETL. It comes with pre-configured connectors to plug into Microsoft and other ERP and CRM systems.
The solution is an enterprise-grade business intelligence platform designed for CEOs, CFOs, managers, salespeople — in fact, just about anyone who wants to slice, dice, and discover their data with dashboards, visualizations, or reports.

By simplifying and amplifying Tableau and other best-of-breed technology, DataSelf Analytics provides business users with a simple and intuitive reporting solution that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, while empowering IT with an easy to deploy and maintain platform.

“For about half of DataSelf installation, the out of the box connectors and templates is all that they need to take their data analysis to a whole new level,” claims Girardi. “The other half uses out of the box connectors and Tableau-based templates as a solid foundation from where they add more value and cut short the work to completely customize their BI needs by months or even years.”

The company aims to continue expanding its partnership with Microsoft. “Our soon-to-be-released offering should eliminate the data warehouse and make our framework super simple to use,” concludes Girardi.

Company: DataSelf Corporation
Website: dataself.com
Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA
Leadership: Joni Girardi, Founder and CEO
Description: The only provider of enterprise-grade business intelligence solutions for mid-sized businesses.
Quote: “Mid-sized businesses may be smaller, but their data analysis is no less critical. They need polished and full-powered data analysis tools.”

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