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The new DataSelf Analytics interface – powered by Tableau 9.2 – lets business people stay in the flow with their data. Users work smarter and faster than ever. Ask your questions, get your answers, and discover questions you didn’t even know you had. Below, you’ll see a sample of valuable new features.

The new Tableau 9.2 satisfies your need for a mobile application. DataSelf Analytics gives Tableau even more power.

Check out the Tableau Releases Notes for version 9.2
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The new Tableau 9.2 satisfies your need for a mobile application and gives DataSelf Analytics even more power.

Tableau Mobile for iPhone

Tableau is on the iPhone! Use the native app to see and understand your data with a few taps. Off the grid? Get offline snapshots of your favorite vizzes.




Out in the field? Tableau is location-aware. Find your location on a map.geolocationtest_sa2


Faceted Search

Find the content you need faster with Faceted Search.filteroption2_1


Dive deeper into your geographical analysis with new mapping data and formatting options.


Integration with Mapbox gives you the ability to build gorgeous map backgrounds and add layers and context. Build the map your data deserves.



Map Data

Tableau 9.2 comes with more geographical data built in, including updated US congressional districts, local name synonyms for world capitals, Japanese postal codes and more.



Map Options Dialog

Customize how people interact with your map with the new Map Options Dialog.
Change display options for pan and zoom, map search, and the view toolbar.



Answer questions of your data with expanded visual analytics capabilities.

Hierarchical Treemaps

Treemaps now show hierarchical data, by introducing borders around the first level of grouping.




Put totals and subtotals where you want them: top or bottom, left or right.



Label Options

Match label colors to mark colors for at-a-glance understanding. Specify which marks are labeled with the new “Most Recent” option.



Web Authoring

Go to Sheet
Access sheets directly from your dashboard, using the new Go to Sheets button.
Data Blending
Add or update your data blends while you are editing on the web. Stay connected with your data, right in your browser.
Data Pane Update
Make changes, including changing a field’s data type, directly in the data pane.
Formulas in the Data Pane
Drag a formula, or just a portion of one, to the data pane to create a new field.


Fix Axis

Optimize the axis range for analysis by fixing one end of your axis.



Recent Colors

Keep your recently selected colors across sessions. When using non-default colors, your most recent choices automatically display in the color drop-down control.



Use as a Filter

You love to use sheets as filters. Use as Filter is now accessible straight from the upper-right corner of your dashboard sheets.



Data can be messy. Clean it up with new data prep enhancements.

Sub-Table Detection

Big time data clean up—in a single click. Automatically detect sub-tables and convert them to connection-friendly tables with Tableau’s Data Interpreter.


Data Grid Editing

Craft the ideal data source: sort columns and rows, edit column names, and create calculations directly in the data grid.



Data Pane

Quickly search and change a field’s data type with the updated data pane.



Enjoy new authentication, performance, and governance features for your enterprise deployment.

Set Project Permissions

Projects now get their own permissions separate from Workbook and Data Source defaults, allowing for more flexible configurations.



Lock Project Permission

Administrators and project leaders can now lock a project’s permissions, so they automatically apply to all workbooks and data sources in the project and cannot be changed by authors.



Toolbar Improvements

The new toolbar puts commonly accessed actions at your fingertips. The redesigned menus are intuitive and the entire toolbar scales for different screen sizes




External Query Cache Compression
Tableau can cache more queries than ever before with external query cache compression.
Text Table and Highlight Table Optimization
Text tables and highlight tables are optimized to enhance rendering, resizing, and removing of columns.
Shape Rendering Improvements
Published workbooks take advantage of browser rendering so that shape marks display faster.
Workbook Legend Optimization
Tableau 9.2 is smarter about handling workbook legends, redrawing them only when visible changes are made.



OpenID Connect
With OpenID Connect, users can automatically sign in to Tableau Server as long as they are signed in to an OpenID Connect identity provider such as Google.
SAML Sign-in for Tableau Online Sync Client
Users are able to sign in to the Tableau Online Sync Client using the same SAML credentials that they use for Tableau Online authentication.


Watch the recorded webinar about the earlier changes on DataSelf Analytics 9

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