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Be one of the lucky ones to drive a Ferrari — the experience of a lifetime

Have you ever felt the speed, the agility, and the sheer thrill of driving a Ferrari? You could be one of the lucky ones. Just enter DataSelf’s “Race a Ferrari: Experience of a Lifetime” drawing. To enter, you need tickets. The more you have earned, the better your chances.

Here’s how to earn them:

Earn one drawing ticket for each of these:

  • Ferrari-promo_sqFollow DataSelf on Twitter
  • Follow DataSelf on Linkedin
  • Like, share, tweet, or retweet a DataSelf tweet or post five times
  • Attend a DataSelf webinar (register here)
  • Evaluate DataSelf for your business
  • Buy or subscribe to a DataSelf product

Don’t miss this chance! Earn as many tickets as you can! Earn your tickets by July 11, 2014. The next day, DataSelf will select winning tickets at random. Make sure you don’t miss out. (See the complete details and conditions here.)

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