Proud to be a Tableau partner, Gartner’s “gold standard” for BI

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GartnerChart2015For the third year in a row, DataSelf Analytics’ analysis engine and interface extended its lead in the report that’s anticipated by everyone in the data industry: the annual Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. Gartner analysts believe that Tableau is the one that’s most able to execute its vision. They call it “the gold standard.”

Best of breed

We chose Tableau for a simple reason: It’s the best data analysis tool on the market. And, as good as it is, DataSelf’s 5000 report, dashboard, and KPI templates made it even better. With these templates, even novice users step up to make and modify reports on the first day — without waiting for help from IT!

The Gartner report, released in late February, states, “Tableau’s intuitive, visual-based data discovery capabilities have transformed business users’ expectations about what they can discover in data and share without extensive skills or training with a BI platform.”

“Tableau customers report among the highest scores in terms of breadth and ease of use along with high business benefits realized. Gartner inquiries and customer conversations reveal that Tableau users report an enthusiasm for the product as a result of being able to rapidly leverage insights from Tableau that have a significant impact on their business.”

Enterprise grade data drive train

DataSelf also gives Tableau a strong, clean, steady flow of raw material: the data. DataSelf’s Ultralight Data Warehouse and ETL both feed Tableau a stream of data that powers just about any analysis need.

See Gartner’s 2015 report. Email me and I’ll send you a link.

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