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Magic-Quadrant2DataSelf’s analytics platform a leader again

For the fourth year in a row, the DataSelf Analytics analytics engine and interface  came out a winner in the annual review anticipated by the BI industry. The 2016 release of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms again put DataSelf’s partner Tableau in the Leaders quadrant.

Last year it was one of eleven leaders, but this year it’s one of just three. Gartner recalibrated, leaving Tableau alone with just two others. One of them is Microsoft, the maker of our business intelligence server. (The third is Qlik.)

Tableau stands at the apex: one of the most able to execute and one with the most complete vision. Gartner calls it “the gold standard.”

Best of breed

We chose Tableau for a simple reason: It’s the easiest to use and most versatile data analysis tool on the market. It does it all: reporting and data discovery. And, as good as it is, DataSelf’s 5000 templates for reports, dashboards, and KPIs has made it even better. Now even novice users  go to work immediately. They can step up to make and modify reports on the first day — without waiting for help from IT!

“Since its inception,” Gartner states, “Tableau has been sharply focused on enhancing the analytic workflow experience for userswith ease of use being the primary goal of much of its product development efforts.”

You just can’t have a better link in the DataSelf data drivetrain.

Enterprise grade data drivetrain

DataSelf also gives Tableau a strong, clean, steady flow of raw material: the data. DataSelf’s Data Warehouse and ETL both feed Tableau a stream of data that powers just about any analysis need.

See Gartner’s 2016 report. Email me and I’ll send you a link.

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