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“I have been finding interesting things as I make reports. For instance, one of our items had 41 different sale prices. No one realized.”
Director of Operations, A large manufacturing corporation
“I love DataSelf Analytics. I started right up making my own reports. It made my old report writer look like a dinosaur!”
Heather Welsch, Senior Accountant, Pyramid Time Systems
“Being an old dog, I know software that meets one’s expectations is rare. DataSelf BI has far exceeded mine. We bought it for its world-class sales reporting, and now I’m saving up to $500,000 annually because I also use it to manage my inventory and purchasing more effectively.”
John Barrett, COO, Wiley X, Inc.
“I am very happy with DataSelf Analytics. Once we integrate our legacy billing system and 2nd ERP system we’ll be able to take control of our data as never before.”
Lou Cherniss, CFO, Calaveras Telephone Company
“DataSelf BI provides exceptional ROI through reduced overhead plus the ability of our sales force to quickly and easily identify under-performing accounts!”
David Fulmer, VP and co-founder, SawStop
“DataSelf BI has helped us save around $250,000 in discounts on over-stocked inventory. That alone has made the small investment in this enterprise-class software a miracle.”
Kevin Cunningham, IT Director, Scorpion Sports, Inc.
“After email, DataSelf BI is the first thing the CEO checks in the morning. I use it religiously. You can drill down, drill up, and drill back in history. You can look at snapshots on how we’re doing versus how we’ve done the past three years.”
Sam Prestipino, COO, Implus Footcare LLC
“In the produce business, things change fast. With DataSelf BI, our business data becomes live. I can bend the data, shape it, move it around. It becomes live in ways that a piece of paper just can’t.”
Toine van der Knaap, Gen. Manager, St. Davids' Hydroponics
“It now takes just seconds to see trends in sales and budgets — areas that took a long time before. People here are getting more and more excited. We now act on new trends as they emerge, while the time is right, when adjustments can make the biggest impact.”
Daniel Schnyder, Special Projects, Emmi (USA), Inc.
”Forget about eating a donut…I didn’t even have time to take a bite of the donut before I finished my first report. I can’t wait to take this Porsche out of the parking lot.”
, Food Should Taste Good, Inc.
”I love this program! I’ve been putting together sales reps’ territories dashboards. Our CFO was looking for something today and after losing two hours trying to get it out of our accounting package she had the data in minutes with DataSelf BI – very cool! She was thrilled!”
Leslie Hull VP - Sales & Marketing, ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.
”We used to spend about 54 hours producing and updating reports on a monthly basis. With DataSelf BI, we cut down that time to 2 hours. The solution had an ROI in the first 30 days of usage. Running reports now take seconds versus hours.”
Jason Coleman, Director of IT/IMS, East Coast Mechanical, Inc.